The Minority Hustle in the Film Industry

By:  BlackConservative93

I waited 2 years for the sequel of the continuing Star Wars series after The Force Awakens.  The buzz began with a trailer featuring John Boyega as a confused stormtrooper.  Blerds wondered if diversity could be the face of 2010s movies.  Despite, Boyega and Daisy Ridley disappointing most fans, I wanted to give it a chance especially since it could undo the damage (cheesy script) for the prequel trilogy.

Today’s movies really do suck from reboots, remakes and continuations.  The desperation kicks in as directors or cast theorizes that their character is gay.  Tessa Thompson fought to convince the Marvel fanbase that her character is bisexual, despite unofficial theatrical or director’s confirmation.

During the early development of the Amazing Spider-Man 2, lead actor Andrew Garfield pitched an idea that went viral that drafts Spider-Man with a black gay lover played by Michael B. Jordan.  Luckily, Jordan laid low with such an outlandish pitch.  Aggressive responses would lead to homophobic allegations.

Diversity is a novelty.  Sometimes it works, yet when black women or gay characters have little film time, it gets annoying or becomes a rip-off when promotion does not match film content.  It was bad enough that Mark Hamill’s worst performance was in The Last Jedi, I question why he had to trend his character’s unofficial sexuality.

The good thing though was that Finn and Poe did not become a thing.  Surprisingly, General Organa (Princess Leia) was vaguely hinted at as gay in the film, yet her suspected lesbian lover did not win the hearts of the LGBT community.  Black fans silence and limited appreciation shows that Finn was a one hit wonder who should not exist or at least should die since his debut.

Again, is it cowardly to who runs despite him being in good company with Poe and Rey?  Come on, your best friends are an ace pilot and a Jedi.  How can you lose?  Finn’s identity becomes a forgotten question as there is too much focus on Rey.  She is boring and lacks natural potential.  Rey begs aimlessly to turn Kylo Ren back to the side of light, yet he is too power hungry to kill Supreme Leader Snoke to command the First Order on his own.

So, I guess Rey and Finn won’t be a thing.  It is a whatever.  Finn is just an embarrassment.  I really need Boyega to demand more from the studio.  Another pet-peeve is that he is still called a traitor although I get the back story, but the film poorly depicts why he is missed in The First Order.  Isn’t Finn simply a janitor, so what is so special about him?  Finn might as well be played by an old overweight black man if we are going to be reminded that he was the detail king of The First Order.

I wish I could have written the whole series.  In watching the movie, I could tell that even the director hated the direction of the series.  Luke is dead.  Han Solo is dead.  Snoke is dead.  Captain Plasma is dead.  Admiral Ackbar is dead.

I believe that having a female lead was career suicide for the Star Wars franchise as a front to claim that it was diversity that ruined everything.  No, racist trolls blame the script.  If it was up to me Finn would be my lead actor as he would force the resurrection of the Jedi Order.  The biggest fix would be having Lupita N’Yongo play a princess rather than an ugly alien.  She would be the next Princess Leia.  The film’s theme would be how black men are fighting white men for their honor and manhood.  It would be something to gain the black audience as they to want to be a part nerd cult following.

When it comes to the J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson’s direction of Star Wars, it’s a complete time waster.  Hopefully, it will end up as a last-minute decision to be either a dream or new non-canon storyline.

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