The Black Man’s Civil War: The Nice Guy vs Thugs

By:  BlackConservative93

I wanted to thank Kristie A. Ford of Skidmore College for her social experiment as this was something I wanted to prove myself.

Ford’s feminist theory divides black men as “The Thug”, “The Nice Guy” and “Player”; she includes that the Endangered Black Man (EBM) fosters a dependence for black women to remain loyal to black men.  If black men fail to meet their standards, black women stay single, unmarried or date intelligential.  The EBM is a fantasy who has the best of both worlds, he is the “Tupac” with a degree which is a combination of the thug and nice guy.

Ford interviewed black women as a social experiment as they were questioned on their attraction towards different types of black men.  Some of the women Ford interviewed seemed to lack faith that black men can change and become the very men that black women desire, but here is the problem:

For starters, the thug has been the bane of everyone’s existence, especially for the nice guy (who will be mentioned later).  Not even feminism or education stop black women from wanting the thug.  It was their initial choice because they fit the Mandingo stereotype.  He is tall, dark-skinned and has swag.  In the experiment, the women had a large admiration for dark-skinned because of their innate masculinity.  Black women automatically dismissed light-skinned for being allegedly gay, weak and too obsessed with their appearance.  Yet, the black woman’s loyalty to dark-skinned is not so perfect, since they can easily be dismissed for being short and not muscular.  For the men, they have to perfect being a thug.  This is how black men’s ego is feminine because their value is solely based off stereotypes and not their own actions.  Granted, black males’ self-esteem has grown ridiculously as we believe that our swag or awesome personality gives us the privilege to fuck any race of women.

Unfortunately, black women (based off Ford’s findings) hate having to compete for thugs’ attention with inanimate objects.  Hanna (one of the participates) advises black men to pursue an education and stop wasting time flaunting for popularity and using women as arm candy.  Another participate named Aya noticed that her campus has black men wanting to be like thugs despite not fitting the mold.  Most likely it is due to them being in college as it is an unlikely place for thugs to be in.  Suburban/educated black men have to stand out as education for us (black men) is still seen as white.  Yes, black women want us to be more educated, but not for real though.  Educated black men do not see images of the baddest Instagram models with doctors, engineers or psychologists; so being the thug is even a tactic to remind black women that their pursuit of an education is a ruse to assimilate with white people.  I have seen this plenty of times with black college students in PWIs.

The nice guy on the other hand is the least desired (physically), yet they are admired afar for their sensitivity.  I love how Ford mentions how nice guys challenge misogyny from thugs, yet their cape fails them every time.  Unfortunately, the women do not reveal or have any experiences with nice guys.  Possible nice guys are written off as conformists or weird according to Cara (another participate).  It is stressed that nice guys need to put their education first, yet I question the incentive for black men to even improve morally when the thugs are winning.  The image has taken over the lives of millions of black men.  Since they can easily attract women off hypermasculinity with no money or education required.  There is no way I can prove to black men that the nice guys are better even though they do not have girls around their arms.

The nice guy is the ugly guy with a personality, he is easy and fun to friendzone because he understands his place in the attraction hierarchy.  If the nice guy is educated, then he must be more educated; get a Ph.D. why don’t you?  If the nice guy has wealth, then he is told by black women that it means nothing under God and that money does not make the man, yet they complain about broke niggas.  The girl who rejects blerds with fake pity is sadder that their qualities is in the wrong guy and not Tyrone.

Eventually, black women are already tired of Tyrone not getting right to the point, while men start to fill the void.  The black loyalty is whoring out black men to be perfectionist or almost feminine.  Black men are either too unattractive (short, skinny or not aggressive) to the extreme of being too dumb to be in a serious relationship.  After reading the conclusion I feel as though Ford misses the point that nice guys were never wanted in the first place.

Therefore, black loyalty and love are fraudulent terms, accept bad and poor behavior from the opposite gender.  Black men’s infamous acceptance to being defeated and broke are staples to test black women as if her worth is only determined if she convinces herself that money is not important and that the white man has kept the black man in a subordinate state.  So, once blerds come in and try to change the narrative they are charged with living to a white standard.

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