Blerd Men Joined the Feminists Because We Saw the Future

By:  H.T., Website:  Rogue Black Nerd

It’s no secret that in the last few years black men have been in revolt because (surprise) black women have fought back and decided that black men aren’t going to go unaccountable for their actions towards black women and thus must change or be left behind in history.  Fact is, yes, patriarchy is tokenized white supremacy when it’s encouraged as the standard by which the black community should abide by.  These factions that they claim will restore order in the black community are little more than He-Man woman hater clubs that give their own slogans that might as well equate to, “The South will rise again.”

Fact is, yes, on the whole, black men have fucked up in areas in the black community and a culture shift is needed.  Turning back the clock does not help nor does the need to perceive every call out of black men’s faults as an attack on black men as a whole.  When Amber Phillips calls out the fact that a great deal of black men abuse and yes, kill black women, the first reaction shouldn’t be, “This is an attack on black men!”  It should be, “How do we stop our fellow man from being a monster?”  The fact is, if you aren’t a woman beater or any of the other awful things called out by some black men, why are you so offended?  With the #MeToo campaign, women have a right to be on edge after years of men harming them and getting away with it because our standards for masculinity does not account for women’s agency.

“But they hate the nice guys and blerds and…” shut up, just shut the hell up.  The hate for nice guys comes from the fact that more often than not, black men’s niceness comes with a side of entitlement.  Oh, black women are being naked all the time on social media and we can’t get any play, grow up.  Yes, blerd men joined the black feminists because frankly there just isn’t any spaces that will suffer sexist blerd men.  The few groups and sites that give them refuge are often ostracized and a line in the sand is drawn by black feminists as on this day you will pick which master you will serve.  Yes, blerd men stay out of jail, don’t have kids, and go to school and still get no play.  Big fucking deal.  You were told to do those things to better you which would in turn make the black COMMUNITY be better.  At no point were you ever guaranteed a woman to fall for you and if you were, they lied.  No one owes anyone their affections.

Blerd men joined feminists because in the end we saw that for the majority of us, there is no benefit from sitting around a room or forum with other black men who can’t get dates but love to fantasize about random women on the internet they’ll never get while also coming up with conspiracy theories on why they’ll never legalize prostitution or why we get fired for just telling a woman at our job she looks nice.  The blerd community is already a marginalized group within both the black community and the nerd community and it doesn’t take much to build empathy towards black women, especially black female blerds when the intersecting individuals are oppressed by other black men, the same black men whose masculine standards strip blerd men of their masculinity.  This being the case, why on god’s green earth would blerd men join the growing wave of misogynist black men claiming to be taking back the black community when black women that are upwardly mobile, intelligent and ambitious are distancing themselves from or are creating a new path?  Sure some blerd men go down this road of being the hypermacho man, but for the rest of us, we are the quiet, suburbanized mild-mannered male that does no harm.  Why would we go this route?

Black men talk about feminism because we see the downside to being the “not all black men” guy.  Damon Young has a bit of a point when you stop and think about it in that black men do wish to have the same relationship with black women culturally as white men had with women in general back in the 30s to the 50s.  No checks and balances, men can be sexually aggressive and controlling, and nothing will be done.  The tide is changing and soon these black men who are against feminism will find themselves left behind.  Truth is, yes, black men do think sex with pain is good even if she doesn’t.  Most sports analysts are male.  Social pressures make interracial dating for black women harder than for black men.  Yes black men, while not in all marriages, most assume no responsibility on domestic chores.  And yes, men do and can record women publicly and almost no other man will check him.

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