Black Men are Tired of Being Scapegoated by Black Feminists

By:  BlackConservative93

As quiet as it is kept on popular free-lance black news outlets, black people are not that interested in feminism and black men are the most vocal against it.  There is a coup against straight black men to shame us into believing that wanting a patriarchy is tokenized white supremacy.  Black men are formulating plans and joining factions to reclaim their authority in the black community.  Some black men are even joining MGTOW, a religious following or their own modern ideology; yet the goal is the same.

Black men are the scapegoat of their black community from fatherless homes to the lack of respect given by black women.  Granted there are many things black men are doing some wrong, but the problem is that when black men offer alternative lifestyles, we are met with resistance.  Black feminists intellectualize their frustration with recreating black love and the black family with nonsense notions that every black man is in the wrong.  Amber Phillips is a notorious feminist who spreads bias statistics that most black women are killed by black men.  If this was really the case, why don’t black feminist promote blerds, since they are now the new feminists these days?  Sad thing is that they are doing it for free and black feminist still pass over them for white men, bad boys and even women.  It looks more pathetic when these black media platforms on how Mr. Clean Cut is the worse choice.  We can understand calling out the fake “nice guys” like mass shooter Elliot Rodgers, but to pretend to be nice is a crime and more insulting to women these days.  Phillips believes that nice guys do not exist unless for an alternator motive.  Hugging and merely fantasizing of being with a woman is now a contributor to rape culture according to Phillips on her 2017 interview with Roland Martin.  Even captain liberal himself (Roland Martin) went full MGTOW on her.

Black men are waking up and we can no longer agree for the approval of society.  What’s next, black men admitting they are criminals on FOX news?  On the same token, black women flaunt sexuality on social media.  God forbid black men follow and comment on an Instagram model’s page.  We see our women naked all the time and more often than we need to, yet this called sexual liberation.  Meanwhile, black men are teased for making smart decisions, hence why blerds have the hardest time attracting black women, yet we are doing the very things they asked black men to improve on.  They tell us to get an education, stay out of jail and stay off the streets and we were only given a pat on the back and a grandma kiss.  If we ask for more cooperation we are hit with entitlement to women’s bodies.

The whole (black) rape culture arguments is bs and proves that women do not know what they want.  If black men stopped spending money in strip clubs, then the new complaint would be that we need to support black sex workers.  Black feminists are clueless on what real black women want.  It’s bad enough that Issa Rae really thinks black women are into dating bisexual men for her new series.  Black men have also spread the virus of feminism as they too make articles blaming themselves for merely existing. Damon Young is one writer who shitted on black men for brownie points with his silly article comparing straight black men to racist white men.  Black men cannot be privileged oppressors and victims at the same time.  He literally believes black men are having meetings at Skeletor’s castle drafting evil patriarchal ways to oppress women as if Obama was told to only worry about black boys for his Brothers’ Keepers program or better yet as if black men threatened to cut sponsorship to CNN if they reported any story of a black woman being mauled by the police.  We do not even have influence in the NFL, despite black players being more common than black owners.  So miss me with the crocodile tears that Young is so concerned that the NFL does not care about black women being abused as if we told white owners to fuck off.  Lastly, black men are not coming from work to slap their wives and take the big piece of chicken.

Black feminists approach black women as defenseless damsels who are so afraid of black men, yet black women are not even hesitant to fight them.

Another male black feminist, Jewel Woods created The Black Male Privileges Checklist.  I can pick out random points from the checklist for laughs and question myself on how can I take someone seriously who believes:

16.  I can believe that causing pain during sex is connected with a woman’s pleasure without ever asking her.

55.  I know that most sports analysts are male.

66.  In college, I will have the opportunity to date outside of the race at a much higher rate than black women will.

81.  I have the privilege of not having to assume most of the household or child-care responsibilities.

85.  I can video tape women in public- often without their consent – with male complicity.

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