Is It Wrong to Prefer Light Skin Women Over Dark Skin Women?

By:  BlackConservative93

The answer is no.  Before I go deep into it, I wanted to state that the conscious community sucks at promoting dark-skinned women as the standard of black beauty.  All these hotep dudes are the same in that saying a real black man should get with a dark-skinned woman.  Granted, nothing is wrong with dating or preferring dark skin women, my issue is that I am tired of forcing other black men to only date them, meanwhile these very men have horrible dating lives, threaten to date outside their race, or secretly prefer light-skinned women.

For starters, Jason Black, the director of 7 A.M. does this a lot in his groups as he would post statuses of dark-skinned women with no tattoos and no kids are the most valued, yet the women he aligns himself with are mostly light-skinned.  The old thumbnail for TMI proves my case.

SargeWP (InfiniteWisdom) does the same thing as much I like and agree with his videos, his stance in regards to colorism and mixed/light-skinned women is where I disagree.  I do not care about being the standard of pro-blackness.  SargeWP makes his preference known for Lupita Nyong’o or dark-skinned/African women in his videos.  SargeWP major flaw is that he too has a hard time attracting black women in general due to his patriarchal views.  He has made threats to date interracially due to the broken status of the community and black women not understanding the importance of black male leadership.

The pro-black shaming tactic does not work on me because most of these men cannot even attract the very standard they promote.  I am not a colorist, but it is my preference.  Do not compare me to those color struck men who turn down dark-skinned for white or exotic women.  I do not create YouTube videos calling black women terminators or comparing them to special-need students.  I have never turned down a perfectly beautiful dark-skinned woman solely because of her skin tone.  Black men who entertain colorism are not my friends.  Honestly, it makes us look bad as other races of men and women can easily talk down to our women and then talk greasy about us.  I have seen conversations between black men and white men over the undesirability of black women only to be led to a discussion on how black men have low IQ’s.

I also understand the points anti-colorism activist YouTuber Chrissie makes in her videos.  Light-skinned women are more promoted and some of them are anti-black.  My consciousness sees the dark-skinned girls who feel ugly or struggle to find love like me, but let’s be honest, with even black women in general (light, dark or mixed) they are not checking for blerds.  One Saturday night, I met a dark-skinned woman who took a liking to me, I knew it was not genuine because she knew where I worked.  She gave me her number.  Once I text her I discovered she had 5 kids.  It was a no for me.  What offended me the most was that she claimed she liked blerds.  Stop it.  If that was the case she would not have 5 kids.  Her game was predictable, she thought throwing sex appeal would get me to submit and lower my guard.  Blerds know this scenario too well and it is sad that we still fall for it.  I am more of a stickler on class then skin tone.  Despite the media push of successful black women, I see too much of the opposite effect of black women coming from poverty and looking for meal tickets or sacrificing patriarchy standards for sexual freedom.  This is the reason I lose now, but win at the end.  I do hope I get the woman of my dreams, but anything could happen, so I am not eliminating dark-skinned women from the line-up.  It becomes problematic if black people expect me to be loyal to divine dark-skinned women that show love.  Stop expecting me to be like the hoteps.  I am not going to worship black women, while their racial loyalty goes out the window or becomes optional.  Blerds are only wanted once we are in our late 30s or once we live happy with non-black women.

Another bad habit people expect of me and other blerds is to like non-attractive women.  Granted, I stated in other articles some of us are arrogant and expect women to automatically drop their panties because of our education and material gain.  Yet it would be appreciated if we did not get the bad hookups with fat and nerdy girls.  We deserve an even playing field like everyone else.  Just because an overweight woman may relate to my struggle for desirability, it does not make us a perfect.  Blerds are not the buffer class for ugly girls.  It is not my job to uplift their self-worth via a relationship.

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