What Naive Feminists Do Not Understand About Black Women & Their Own Patriarchy

By:  BlackConservative93

The year 2017 replaced racial injustices of black people with those of women’s issues.  The year kicked off with the Women’s March on Washington and it led the momentum for other events and movements such as #Metoo and ‘A Day Without a Woman’ boycott.

Whether the success of feminism is true, it is up to debate, but one thing is for certain is it appears to be that gender issues are no longer silent.  These days everyone is a feminist who claims that men are privileged, in result leaving women to be automatically unequal with their male counterparts.

One thing I do enjoy about feminism is its unstable civil war among themselves:  white women vs women of color.  Whites are spoiled and love to have their cake and eat it too.  They cry foul as they scream sexism and objectification.  Men cannot even look at a nude magazine without getting beat over the head and get shamed for their sexuality, while these same (white) feminists will flaunt their nude bodies (Free the Nipple Campaign) on the streets and make cheesy claims to sexism as if men really care that they can show their chest in public, while women cannot walk outside exposing their breasts.  Unfortunately, white women have little to no reason to fight against their own patriarchy.  White women claim that they their image is not shown in media, yet they forget how frequent they cover women’s and fashion magazines.

Twitter had its own firestorm when LA Times Magazine cover featured Jessica Chastain along with an all-white woman’s cast on actresses demanding change in the industry.  Now I understand that they want better roles, but at least white women have a wide spectrum.  It is not as if they are known to be casted as slaves, maids, baby mommas or tokens.  White women can be superheroes (Black Widow), generals (General Leia Organa) and princesses (Snow White).  It is funny that the very things white women now hate and regret are the desires of black women because they are tired of not being included as even a serious contender for the global beauty contest.  It is no surprise that in most annual pageants they allow one black or African contestant to go up against (the crowd favorites) Philippines, Columbia or Venezuela.  The judges do not think black contestants will win nor do they want them to, but the one black person is enough to satisfy the black audience.  People who watch these pageants religiously will pick up on how the standard of beauty is rigged for Latin countries to win the crown.  Every now and then white or non-African countries will present a black or biracial woman as a social experience.  The first black Miss Israel, Yityish “Titi” Aynaw, could not even deny racism within her own country, yet she claims (white) Israelis are doing something about it.  Ariana Miyamoto, who was a biracial woman once represented Miss Japan despite the anti- ‘bi-racial’ bullying that her and her friend faced which led to her friend’s suicide.  I bring these women up because blackness is rejected instantly.

Feminism can lie to itself that women do not care how they look and that their choice to be sexy is based on her personal pleasure and not for men.  White women spread this nonsense comically or they are unaware that WOC are even having a hard time attracting their own race of men.  In my occupation, I constantly hear black men bragging about how white women are the best or how Latinas are their hot fantasy, meanwhile black women are mentioned when discussing negative attributes.  The main reason why black women get a bad rep even among non-black men is because of media.  I can tell that the white men I am around have never talked to a black woman, so their analysis is based off media from Maury, Tyler Perry or whatever ratchet show that black people trend.  Dark-skinned black women even use mixed women as their temporary/honorary sisters to prove that black is beautiful.  I still laugh at the black feminist who still believe European princes are going to the hood to rescue black women from poverty just because of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement.  If white women are not getting the importance of black representation now then they never will.  White girls do not compare or model their beauty to black women (unless it is for comic relief).  White women are even less conscious on the skin-bleaching epidemic in poor Asian and African countries.  The greatest slap in the face is when white feminists tell men what to like in a woman and that they must accept everyone, even though women can freely reject men based off a patriarchal scale.  Do not shame me for not being attracted to overweight or hairy-armed women, meanwhile men that are overweight do not get the same amount of love.  God forbid that he is broke and wants to live on a woman’s dime.

White women will never understand or truly stand for the fight in increasing dark-skinned women in media.  It comes off disrespectful when Lupita Nyong’o debuts in Star Wars as an ugly alien rather than an intergalactic black princess.  Dark-skinned women cannot even get a win as more biracial/light-skinned women are getting roles in Marvel and DC movies.  It is strange that Storm is still depicted as mixed in live-action films, yet dark-skinned in comic books and animation series.  White women will never understand how the world works against black women or let alone know that they share it with POC.  Seeing white feminism is more of a reason why feminism is a lost cause.  Eventually black women are taking the hint, but fake white allies are wheeling them back, especially Gloria Steinem who claims she learned feminism from black women, yet she is absent in events facing black women.  I have never seen her in a BLM rally, so who is she fooling.  Hillary Clinton is better and another fake ally who aligns with black women for a check and free votes.  Programs like Girls Build L.A. is a joke because they need a white savior, yet I admire the program’s goal to get minority girls to learn and have a career in STEM, but could what they learn can be used to benefit the black community to create jobs rather for us to stay in the position of servitude for white businesses?

When I took some women’s and gender studies courses in college, it was always brought up on the concept of creating a new American family by drafting the idea of the stay-at-home father and breadwinning mother with gender-neutral kids.  In all honesty, I could care less on how white families look, but it is problematic for black families to freestyle a new family dynamic when it is hard enough to keep the black man in the house.  Even those black men who are in the home, black stay-at-home dads do not have a good rep because it is laziness.  I fear these men because their free time allows them to perfect their bedroom skills.  White people have the privilege to freestyle because their society is already built.  They are already in the suburbs.

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