The Conscious Community Doesn’t Teach Black People a Damn Thing

Rolling into the year 2018, I think it’s time for black people to stop praising & worshipping these so-called conscious community “leaders”.  Everybody from Tariq Nasheed to Dr. Umar Johnson to Cynthia G. to Jason Black & the countless other knee grows lurking in the shadows hoping to get you to join their pro-black team.  The reason why I say this is because, exactly what have these people taught you that you couldn’t have gone out to learn on your own if you really wanted to learn about something?  Nothing, other than how to be a grown person in your 40s crying like a bunch of little bitches online because somebody said something about you that you didn’t like.  These people have taught black people nothing…period.  And I know, because I’ve tuned into damn near all of them for a few years now and I’ve still yet to learn anything tangible that can make my life better that I didn’t know prior to them coming into existence on my social media profiles.  These niggas teach you nothing other than how to possibly transform yourself into the the next nigga on social media who can make diss videos the best.

Well, I take that back, they can teach you one thing:  they can teach you how to go extremely hard on another black person to the point of making physical threats at another black person but when it comes to these white people who represent the big bad scary “white supremacy” that they constantly tell you is black people’s biggest problems, NONE OF THESE NIGGAS get all rah rah with these white people like they do towards other black people.  None of them.  I’ve listened to countless Jason Black YouTube videos where this nigga will spend entire episodes clowing the absolute shit out of & talking down on black people who don’t 100% cosign his every word, but let a white man who may harbor some racist view points call into his show and this nigga immediately goes into “yes suh, no suh” mode with the quickness.  Tariq Nasheed has made countless videos going in on Tommy Sotomayor to the point of even showing up to an interview Tommy was doing to where it almost got confrontational and now Tariq & Umar Johnson are all over social media making physical threats to each other…remember, these niggas are in their 40s…but when it comes to Tucker Carlson or Richard Spencer coming on to his podcast (I believe it was Richard Spencer if I’m not mistaken), Tariq went into straight “yes suh, no suh” mode as well.  There wasn’t any physical threats issued.  These niggas don’t even metaphorically make threats towards people like George Zimmerman.  They don’t do anything but tell other black people to “get on code”.  These niggas stay preaching this “black people need to be on code” foolishness but that “code” talk is really just talk reserved for you knee grows to keep you inline with blindly following their messages & buying their DVDs & t-shirts that can’t & won’t change your lives.  I have yet to figure out why the average knee grow who blindly follows these clowns can’t see this.  Real talk, who out there reading has watched Hidden Colors or Jason Black’s 7 A.M. or Gentrified DVD and your life has gone from whatever the fuck it was to magical knee grow status?  None of you.  The vast majority of you are still online crying about white people being smarter & taking over everything.  None of you are online talking about actual accomplishments you created in your life courtesy of something Tariq Nasheed, Jason Black, Umar Johnson, or Cynthia G. has taught you.  None of you.

Seriously, exactly what is it that the conscious community is claiming to teach black people that the average black person can’t pick up a book or watch a video on YouTube to learn on their own?  Maybe Tariq can teach you some things concerning history with his Hidden Colors & 1804 documentaries, but then again, if you really want to know about black history, all you got to do is get online and start researching black historical figures, events & books…you know, kind of like how the scholars in his movies went about researching the information they inform you of.  Jason Black…if you can make it past this guy’s extreme Donald Trump-like personality, then maybe you can pick up a jewel or two about black economic empowerment and what gentrification is, but even still, do you really need a social media personality who honestly thinks he is the smartest black person on the internet to teach you about either starting your own business or spending money with black business owners?  Do you really need a dude that hardly anybody has ever seen who hides behind a picture of Eldridge Cleaver to inform you on what the meaning of a white lady walking down the street with her French poodle in the middle of the hood means (gentrification is on it’s way is what that means)?  No you don’t.  And further more, the moment you see Mrs. Anne casually strolling through the hood all carefree in her yoga pants sipping a latte, it’s too damn late for you knee grows living on that block anyways cause that means gentrification is full swing.  But again, do you really need a dude on YouTube to teach you stuff that you already know?  No.

When it comes to Dr. Umar Johnson, Jason Black & Cynthia G., if you are one of these people who doesn’t like gay people, interracial dating and you think all white people are actively trying to exterminate you…then exactly what do you need these people for as well to teach you that you didn’t already believe to be true?  You already didn’t like gay people.  You already didn’t like swirlers.  You already thought white people were hunting you down like the Nazis did onto the Jews.  You already thought these things and fully committed to believing them, so exactly what have they instilled in you that you didn’t already believe?  But more importantly, exactly what have they taught you that you could actually apply in the real world to actually make your life better NOW?  Nothing.

So exactly why do countless black people (including myself) continue to tune into these knee grows?  It’s because they are a form of entertainment.  That’s it.  The same way black people tune into sports, music videos & reality TV shows is for the same reasons we tune into conscious community people.  We want to be entertained.  We want some of that good ole’ white supremacy & black empowerment talk to pass the time away.  We want somebody to make us laugh (Tariq) because niggas love comedy.  We want someone to help us redirect our anger (Cynthia, Umar & Jason) in order to take the anger off of ourselves for not picking up that damn book to learn some real tangible shit that could potentially elevate our livelihood.  Most of all, damn near every form of black entertainment on the mainstream media just flat out sucks, so we need something that is truly entertaining & often times not scripted, so we turn on our YouTubes & Facebooks to hear the good hotep word which mostly consists of a bunch of niggas crying about what other niggas in the conscious community are or aren’t doing.  That’s it.  We just want to be entertained because deep down inside, all of us know that these people have yet to teach us anything of value and substance that you can actually apply at the speed of NOW in your real life to get your life on a better course.  You know it and I know it, yet we all will continue to tune in to see when the next beef kicks off.  And if you think I’m lying, just go look at their YouTube videos, the videos that have the most views are the videos that are directly related to conscious community beef.  The rest of them shits on their channels fail in comparison which should be a clear indicator of why people tune into these people.  NIGGAS JUST WANNA BE ENTERTAINED.  That’s it.

And, there is nothing wrong with entertainment.

Your favorite mulatto.
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