5 Reasons Educated Lames/Blerds Lose in the Dating Game

By:  BlackConservative93

Do not be fooled by the coming of 2018, it will be another year of women’s aimless dating and rejection.  Blerds could at least change the game, but they get lazy and expect women to fall onto their lap.  Here are 5 reasons blerds are losing:

1.  Media

Family Matters has been the bane of existence for most blerds.  It is the genesis of stereotypes and undesirability.  Urkel was a new face for black boys that did not need to be hard or a player and that intelligence would become the new black.  The show’s debut came in the era of media where black women came to talk shows blaming black men for them being single.  We were too dumb, uneducated, in jail or gay.  Despite Urkel’s metro alter persona, blerds were not wanted in the dating game.  Smarter black boys were in media as assimilationist, asexual and weak as white bullies shoved them in lockers.  Their mothers were portrayed as their girlfriends and so they were never really given a beautiful girl on their arm.  Blerds never spoke out to state their grievance and our voices were in outlets with a limited audience.  We also need to be more vocal that we deserve to be a love interest in shows on BET or VH1.  Black men are more than just thugs, players and athletes.  Media ignores this as if black boys are not into STEM, mentoring or being good fathers.

2.  Sexuality

Blerds are always downed for being virgins or inexperienced, especially in high school.  I might need to ask some blerds. Maybe, yet sarcastically, I am going to tell blerds to have unprotected sex and act like players, rather than focus on building something important despite being desirable.  Women see blerds as boring and have no time for them which results in thugs capitalizing on the situation.  With their free time, thugs perfect their game to become fearless.  They do not trip over rejection and only see women as a body count.  Blerds need to fix their appearance.  They need to stop looking like the Nutty Professor, just like my half-brother as he refuses to upgrade his style because he does not want to stick out.  Granted, blerds do not want to get into materialism, but it is not going to hurt, if they shop at the mall rather than Kmart.  Other than that, they could at least workout and defend themselves.  I will give white nerds credit because popular suburban kids realized how dangerous they really are, since there is a good bit who are white nationalists or gun activists.  White nerds have little to tolerance.

As for advice, blerds can up their game the most if they write novels and books that promotes their status.  It may sound cheesy, but there is a market in spicy romantic novels for black women.  When at a bookstore, I always see novels depicting the edgy lifestyle of street dudes or white billionaires with black women.  Blerds are missing and we need to fix that within the erotic novel community.  Our tales do not even have to be realistic, but if we do not try then blerds won’t find love.

3.  Our Mothers/Family Advice

Before, I drag your mothers, blerds been having the worst dating advice in history.  There is always that uncle or someone who thinks that he was a ladies man back in the day.  Therefore, blerds need to stop paying for game from pick-up artists or Tariq Nasheed.  Women must love blerds naturally, this is why I rather have the media change first than changing our personality.  Their mothers are worse, but women generally give bad advice to the opposite sex anyways.  Just like their uncles, moms believe love works like a fairy-tale or Tyler Perry film.  Mothers neglect teaching their sons about the same in fear that they could become the very men who are educated, goal-oriented & has his life together.  My step-mother is just like that and her cluelessness are insights into why older women cannot relate to us.  She does not understand the struggles of a blerd.  Women are not as open to us despite them wanting Ray Ray and Pookie to have blerd qualities.  Sometimes blerds lacking game could be intentional as they want their sons to be focused, but fathers still encourage their (blerd) sons to date and have (safe) sex.  Mothers on the other hand go full out to purge the swag out of their sons.  In Houston, I noticed the critical parenting styles of African/Caribbean community.  Mothers enforced education even to the point of lying to their sons that getting anything less than an “A” will make them a failure.

4.  Social Awkwardness

Due to the social strain blerds have from society, it is hard for them to be relatable.  Often they try too hard to win a girl’s heart.  Their basis of a relationship mirrors television as they always fall for the ‘nerdy guy and cute girl’ troupe.  In reality it does not work and so blerd’s anger towards women stems from them comparing reality with media hype.  Blerds never have time to perfect their social skills because they rather perfect their life solely on the possession of a degree or championing themselves as a non-black stereotype (as they always say they never went to jail).

5.  Arrogance

Blerds have a big head in the feeling of being a unicorn.  They enjoy the negative stereotypes of black men.  Blerds believe in Fox News statistics harder than Richard Spencer.  They’re aggressive with their education or class ends up being a lazy excuse to date outside their race.  I saw this in my class as this one token black kid asked his non-black friends if he should be obligated to date black women because he sees himself as intelligent black man.  The class went a racist tirade on why black women are ugly (according to them) due to poverty, overweight or just being naturally unattractive (their words).  One white asshole said that only 5% of black women are attractive.  The worst blerds can do is give non-black men the green light to disrespect black women.

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