Pro-Black Conscious Community Leaders You Should Follow in the Year 2018

As the year 2017 comes to a close and the year 2018 begins, I thought I would take some time to highlight some pro-black conscious community personalities that you should consider following in the year 2018 if you haven’t already.  The people on this list are quite famous within black circles and they all present some very interesting view points worth tuning into from time to time.  Most of you have probably heard of every name on this list, but I just wanted to highlight some things I’ve grown to learn from these people due to the years I’ve been tuning into their messages.

Tariq Nasheed

Everybody should know who this knee grow is by now.  He’s the director of the Hidden Colors & 1804 The Hidden History of Haiti documentary series.  He’s also the author of at least 5 books (The Elite Way, The Art of Gold Digging, The Mack Within, Play or Be Played, & The Art of Mackin’) dedicated to relationships and/or how to be a playa-playa (I’m assuming because I haven’t read any of them).  Aside from that, he’s probably the king of conscious community pettiness and the king of finding the white supremacist angle in everything imaginable.  But even still, I find myself tuning into this dude weekly by way of his podcast on iTunes called The Tariq Elite Radio Show.  I don’t tune in to his show because I’m anxious to get my weekly fix of who to add to the national suspected white supremacist list or who to add to the negro bed wench & coon list.  I tune in cause the brotha is actually funny as hell.  Tariq Nasheed is a genuinely funny dude who cracks me the fuck every time I tune in to listen to him.  His Tommy Sotomayor & Roland Martin roast sessions were epic classic conscious community moments I will never forget for the rest of my life.  I mean real talk, them shits were funny as hell.  😂

Here’s what you can expect to learn from Tariq Nasheed:

  • White people are smarter than black people in every way imaginable (as in he actually admits to this quite frequently).
  • When a white person does some suspect racist shit, Tariq will be quick to remind you that he was the first person to call out this person years ago and he’ll dig up tweets from 5 or 6 years ago to prove that he was the first.
  • If Tariq can’t find definitive proof of a white person being a white supremacist or a racist, he’ll label them as a suspected white supremacist…and that is pretty much every white person in America.
  • Tariq will also teach you how to win any & every debate with a white supremacist or suspected white supremacist by simply repeating the words white supremacy over & over again no matter what argument is presented because according to Tariq, everything leads back to white supremacy…as in, he actually says this.
  • Tariq will also inform you that presently he is the only qualified black person in the world who is capable of deciphering white supremacy codes week after week because he studies white supremacy 24/7.
  • He is the only person who can officially designate a black woman as a negro bed wench.  Once he puts his stamp of approval on who is to be a negro bed wench, it is hereby law across the land of Blackistan.
  • He is also the only person who can officially designate what black man is to be labeled a coon.  Once again, no black person anywhere in the world is an official coon until Tariq Nasheed says so first.
  • As a bonus, he’ll also throw in some occasional lessons on how to step your game up so that you can effectively be a true ladies man…if you are a woman, he’ll teach you how to run a dude’s pockets.

So, if you’re looking to add Tariq Nasheed to your list of conscious community people to follow to soak up some of that good conscious community game, then this is pretty much the education you can expect from Tariq Nasheed.

Dr. Boyce Watkins

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a guy with a PhD in finance who will remind you damn near every video he records that he holds a PhD in finance in order to continually reinforce why you should trust him & look to him as the black financial guru of the African diaspora.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from Dr. Boyce Watkins:

  • You will be told 50leven times a video that you need to start a business, you need to invest in stocks, you need to invest in real estate and that you need to invest in bitcoin.  Truth be told, I really don’t have issue with him stating those things other than the constant repetitiveness he does every video.
  • You will also be told 50leven times per video to go to his website to sign up for The Black Business School which he proudly proclaims to be the best education in the world at a fraction of the cost of what a university would charge.
  • You will also learn extensively about his dislike of Dr. Umar Johnson due to Dr. Boyce Watkins dropping numerous videos about Dr. Umar every time Dr. Umar is making the rounds for some dumb shit he’s said or beef he’s started.
  • You will also get endless off the topic rants about complete randomness in each video that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic of the video.

Overall, I like Dr. Boyce Watkins because I like money….and yes, I’m one of the people who has invested into bitcoin (and other crypto currencies) because of Dr. Boyce Watkins’ influence and truth be told, in just about 2 months of investing, I’ve quadrupled my overall $1000 investment, so I can’t complain.

Dr. Umar Johnson

The self-proclaimed Prince of Pan-Africanism.  The king of referring to himself in third person.  The king of wearing the Rick Ross beard with a shaved off mustache.  The dapper dashiki king with the matching fitted baseball cap.  The cellphone video bully.  The man who coined the phrase “Speak Yo Speech!”  Of course, we are talking about Dr. Umar Johnson.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from Dr. Umar Johnson:

  • He is the only black person in the world who can save black people…as in, he has actually said this.
  • He is going to build a school just as soon as you niggas stop fucking with him & his professional credentials.
  • He strongly dislikes gays, interracial relationships, & he thinks mulattos like myself are confused who will only grow up to serve the interests of white supremacy.

That’s pretty much all you will learn from Dr. Umar Johnson.

Jason Black

He calls himself The Black Authority because he honestly believes he is the smartest black man to ever grace the internet.  He is a staunch believer that black people are in a full blown race war and that RIGHT NOW is literally the most dangerous time for black people to be alive (as in, he actually says this).  He wants to be Tariq Nasheed so bad, but since he refuses to show his face on camera, it’s not about to happen.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from Jason Black:

  • At any moment, you will die at the hands of white supremacists…as in, right now.  Like, go over to your window and look outside because there should be a burning cross sitting in your yard with about 10 white guys in Klan attire right now as you read this.
  • Every city in America, black people are finished…as in, he actually says this.  Meaning, if you are black, you are will be moved…as in, he actually says that.  Meaning, if you are black, gentrification is on your ass 24/7.  All these white folks coming into town to put up Whole Foods and buy up properties your broke ass relatives never bought are coming to kick you niggas all the way out into the country with the cows & hogs.
  • You will also learn that black women are the blame for everything no matter what.
  • You will also learn some new monikers for black women such as:  super sluts & bastard baby makers (I’ve used that one on occasion).
  • You will also learn that in his 40+ years of life that he has never been married nor has he had any children, but he is a self-proclaimed certified relationship & parenting expert amongst black people.
  • You will also learn why he unapologetically declares his documentaries 7 A.M., Gentrified & his current project he’s working titled Race War to be the most important documentaries in history…as in, he actually says this.
  • You will also learn why if you’ve never seen this man or heard of this man before that you are doomed to be wiped off the planet because you failed to see his documentaries that you probably never even knew existed.
  • You will learn why he believes himself to be the “new black media”…as in, he actually says this…when in reality, he is merely speaking his opinions from a extremely slanted pro-black perspective.
  • You will also learn that just because he can call off a few street names in your city that this somehow qualifies him to be an authority on the environment & culture of your city.
  • You will also learn that another YouTuber by the name of Professor Black Truth who no one has ever seen sounds damn near identical to Jason Black in terms of how they speak which has lead quite a few people to believe that they are actually the same person.
  • But most importantly, you will learn that you are either black or you are the enemy.  No middle ground, no compromising, no fence riding.  You are to live and be so damn black that you are damn near walking around blind looking like Stevie Wonder.

Ironically, Jason Black is the guy I actually tune into the most because the he’s actually quite entertaining to listen to and he does know a fair bit about stuff outside of the imminent race war he believes we are in the middle of…plus he’s an extremely articulate speaker.

Cynthia G.

Cynthia G. is trying her hardest to be the female version of Tariq Nasheed by way of her endless lectures on white supremacy, but she is also trying to be the female version of Tommy Sotomayor by going on non-stop tirades about black men (Tommy Sotomayor goes on non-stop tirades about black women in case you didn’t know).  Cynthia G. is a black woman with a rather annoying voice and I’m not saying that in attempt to clown her.  I’m saying it because it’s facts.  Her voice sounds like that of a woman who is forcing herself to sound like she’s confident & actually believes the stuff she says (you’ll just have to hear her for yourself to see what I mean).  Aside from her trying to be the female version of Tariq Nasheed and the female version of Tommy Sotomayor, when she’s not busy putting together pro-black anti-black man lectures for her YouTube audience, she likes to spend time taking pictures of black men & white women in public, as in, when she’s out and about and she sees an interracial couple, she’ll pull out her cellphone to snap a picture of them to post to Twitter.  She’s essentially a pro-black anti-black man street photographer in a sense.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from Cynthia G.:

  • White supremacy all day everyday non-stop followed by an extensive vocabulary consisting of words such as:  white devil, cave dwellers, troglodytes , & subhumans.
  • You’ll also get an extensive education into what a black alpha & beta male are and you’ll learn that if you are a black man and you challenge anything she says about how she views alpha and beta black males then you are essentially gay…as in, she actually says this stuff.
  • You’ll also get a lesson in how downright evil & treasonous it is for black people to date, sleep with and marry white people (the oppressor).  But as an extra added bonus, she’ll also be quick to educate you on how mulatto children are black…no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Think about that, she thinks that black people should only date black people and that swirling is blasphemy, but she also thinks mulattoss are just nothing but black people.  So if mulatto people are just black, then why does she have such an issue with swirling if swirlers produce black babies?  Some say she feels this way because she’s either had a brotha leave her for a white woman or she was involved with a white man once.  These are just rumors on the interwebs I’ve heard.  To get the full scoop, you’ll have to tune in to her YouTube lectures to find out that answer I suppose.
  • You’ll also learn from Cynthia G. that she is not a fan of black patriarchy because she believes it to be a product of white supremacy but you’ll also hear her constantly compare black men to white men and chastise black men for not leading the black community like white men lead their communities (& the world)….you know, these same white men who practice patriarchy that she claims to despise. 🤔
  • You’ll also learn that she is pro segregation and that all black people need to get as far away from white people as they can…yet she lives in the Seattle, WA area where it’s like an 8% black population & a 69% white population that provides her endless cellphone pics of interracial couples.
  • But the most important lesson that you will learn (especially if you are a black woman) is how to pack copious amounts of makeup on your face in addition to wearing the same wig hairstyle day in and day out that resembles the hair of a white woman.  As an additional bonus, if you are a man and you point these very obvious traits out about her that you can’t help but notice, she’ll resort to assuming that you must be a homosexual. 😂

Anyways, that’s pretty much what you can expect to learn from Cynthia G. in a nutshell…a non-stop yapping contradiction.  Nothing too deep that hasn’t been said time & time again from black men that she proclaims to have such a problem with.  But hey, it is what it is.  She’s needed in the community I suppose to bring about the female perspective.

Anyways, be sure to show all these pro-black conscious community people some love in the year 2018.

Your favorite mulatto.
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