Black People are Obsessed with Making Sure Biracials Remain Seen & Treated as Just Black

I had a discussion with my younger brother the other day over Meghan Markle as to whether or not she is black or just simply biracial.

Of course well all know the stereotypical SJW, pro-black responses by now, but just in case you don’t, here are the typical responses:

“She’ll never be viewed as white by white people!”

“Her mama is black, so she’s black!”

“In a world dominated by white supremacy, she’s black!”

“According to the one-drop rule….she black!”

Anytime you have a discussion with a monoracial knee grow about how to view a biracial person, chances are you’ll hear one of those responses.  If you don’t hear those responses, you’ll usually hear something from the island of Blackistan sounding like this:

“Biracial people aren’t black!”

“Biracial people are half-breeds!”

And on & on.  Look I’m not even about to entertain the niggas from Blackistan today as truth be told, I somewhat agree with them.  But I will address the rest of the monoracial knee grow population who feels like they are the authority on how biracial people are to view ourselves as if we biracials have no say in our own identity.

In case you all have forgotten or you are just new to this site, I am biracial.  Half white half black.  Black momma, and deceased white biological father.  I rep team light skin all day err-day unapologetically.  I’m 37 years old, so I think I know a thing or two about this biracial life since I’ve lived it my entire life.  Now without me having to give you a run down of the last 30+ years of my life, I will tell you a few things that I have NEVER heard white people say in reference to me being biracial and those few things are:

“You’ll never be white!”

“Your mama is black, so you’ll always be black!”

“In a world of white supremacy, you’ll always be black!”

“According to the one-drop rule, you’re black!”

So let’s address these infamous talking points shall we.

I’ll Never Be White

I’ve yet to hear a white person ever tell me that I’ll never be white.  I’ve never heard it…ever & I highly doubt I’ll ever hear it.  However, I have stopped counting the number of times I’ve heard black people tell me I’ll never be white as if they automatically assume that I want to be white in the first damn place.  Knee grows are the only people in this country who assume this foolishness about biracial people.  Knee grows refuse to entertain the idea that maybe some of us biracials just simply want to be seen & viewed as just biracial, since that is EXACTLY what we are.  Some of us may prefer to be seen as black…and that’s cool too, but I’ve yet to come across a biracial who is clearly biracial who honestly wakes up every day trying to figure out how to convince the world that they’re white.  None of us do that shit & none us run around here hoping our light skin magically loses all pigmentation so we can get our Casper the Ghost on, but American knee grows are the only ones who seem to automatically think we long to be white if we don’t want to be exclusively identified as black.

My Mother is Black…and…

My mother is a dark skinned black woman and her dark skin and blackness have absolutely shit to do with me and how I choose to identify in this world.  If I had a biological black father & white mother, it would be the same way.  My parents don’t have a damn thing to do with how I choose to navigate through the world as an adult who is biracial.  Sure, when I was raised as a kid, I was told I was black & even accepted it to the point where just to avoid having long drawn out discussions over what my race is, I just told everybody I was black and kept it moving.  But even as a kid, I knew I wasn’t black-black like the rest of you knee grows.  I knew this because:  1) I grew up in a house that had mirrors & 2) dark skin monoracial knee grows were quick to remind me damn near every day of my life that I wasn’t black like they were…shit, I still hear that talking point to this day.  But you know what I never heard from white people?  I have never had a white person tell me “Your mama is black, so you are just black!”  That shit has never happened to me ever.  Ever…..EVER.  Most white people who inquire about my race always, always ALWAYS either assume I’m some type of Hispanic or they ask me what I’m mixed with. That’s just the god-honest truth.  No white person has ever just told me that because my mother is black that I’m just black.  The shit has never happened.  But I hear it all the time ONLY from black Americans.  That’s it.

In a World of White Supremacy, You’re Black

I’ve never heard a white person say that shit to me either.  I’ve never even heard an open white supremacist or racist say that shit.  Once again, I ONLY hear monoracial black people say this shit.  I created this website 4 years ago and have had plenty of racist trolls in the comments and guess what, even the racist trolls who discovered I was mixed didn’t even label me as just black.  They’d usually hit me with some “you mixed nigger” or “you half-breed bastard” type of comments.  It is never an emphasis on being JUST black, they always make it a point to inject my “biracialness” into their racial attack against me.  But the point is, again, black people are the only people who assume that everybody else views us biracials in the exact manner that the rest of the world views their black asses.  That’s not the case.  It’s probably more people who see us simply biracial than they do as “just black”.  Like, no nigga, stop trying to make every biracial feel like you & experience the world like you.

Black People Love the One-Drop Rule

Black people are the only people who run around championing the one-drop rule.  Once again, I’ve never heard a white person make reference to the one-drop rule outside of a historical conversation….ever.  But black people hang on to it for dear life.  If this were the 1700s, the 1800s, maybe even the first half of the 20th century (1900s for the slow people in the back), then maybe I could see white people championing the one-drop rule.  But in the year 2017 and every year prior to this going all the way back to the day I was born, I’ve never heard a white person hit me with the one-drop rule to either remind me of my blackness or to put my “black” ass back in my proper place.  That shit has never happened.  But, I’m constantly bombarded with it from black people.  Black people are the only ones running around hanging on to dear life to some archaic term from antebellum slavery.  You ever notice how black people will go all out to denounce any & everything that has a racist meaning to it given to us by white people EXCEPT for how white people used to run around classifying anybody who had an ounce of black DNA in their body.  Real talk, niggas hate how white people tell black people how to celebrate, protest, attain an education or just to live life as a black person in general, but niggas ain’t letting go of old ass racist classification systems for nothing.  You know why?  Cause knee grows don’t wanna see anybody potentially escape the bucket of blackness.  And it’s not like biracials wanna escape blackness, it’s just that monoracial knee grows don’t want WHITE PEOPLE to see us as anything but black.  Black people don’t give a fuck about how we biracials see shit, they only care about how WHITE PEOPLE may see shit in relation to a group of people who may not be exclusively seen as “just black” like their black asses.  That’s what holding onto this one-drop rule for dear life really boils down to.  Niggas who can’t be seen as anything other than black due to their skin color don’t want niggas like me who are clearly biracial to possible be seen in a different light from white people as if we biracial people are running around begging and pleading for white people to see us as different.  No, that’s not what’s happening.  Hell most of us spent our entire lives trying to get you niggas to see us as just black and how’s that been going for the most part…but I digress.

Too many black people honestly just want the world to exist purely in terms of black and white as if no gray can exist.  They assume that just because some biracials don’t want to be simply classified as black that we automatically want to be classified as white.  How come we can’t just be classified as biracial?  Why must everything revert to wanting to be white if we don’t want to be classified as just black?  Biracials already know we can’t identify as white and most of us have no desire to do so, so I fail to comprehend why black people are so insistent upon assuming that if biracials don’t want to be identified as black that WE MUST want to identify as white.  Like, no nigga.  Stop trying to impose your inferiority complex on the rest of the us.  Further stop running around pretending like your dark skin color and my light skin color are treated in the exact same manner interracially or intraracially.  Stop pretending just because we biracials have a black parent that we biracials are treated in the exact same manner as monoracial black people.  That’s not necessarily the case either.  We get the “people of color” treatment from white people but don’t just assume that the “people of color” treatment is identical to the “black people” treatment, cause it’s not.  Only in black people’s eyes is it the same which is funny considering there isn’t one monoracial black person alive who can tell anybody how life is experienced through that of a biracial.  They can only make assumptions based upon the b.s. imposed upon them and then they reach back into time to find justifications for how biracials were treated just like black people, but even that’s not 100% true.  Even in slavery, biracials were treated somewhat different (despite all of us being slaves), but even the slaves saw the difference.  Now I’m not bringing this up to flex my biracial light skin superiority over you monoracial knee grows, but I am saying stop pretending like we are ALL THE SAME just because my mother is as black as you.  Stop running around here assuming that white people see us ALL THE SAME just because a lot of white people may fear or hate your monoracial black ass.  Speaking of that, not only do monoracial black people assume they are the authority for speaking on behalf of biracial people but monoracial knee grows also assume they are the authority for identifying how white people may view the world.  Amazing how this works.  I’ve yet to encounter a white person who just assumes I’m black-black, but niggas assume white people presume me to be just black-black.  But depending upon what the topic on social media is that day, monoracial black people will either assume I’m just black-black or a half-breed.  Niggas love picking and choosing my blackness when my blackness works in their favor or to keep me and the rest of my biracial peeps out there from possibly being seen as something that a monoracial knee grow can’t be seen as.

Your favorite mulatto.
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