Prince Harry is White Royalty that Black Women Lust

By:  BlackConservative93

As I said before, black women going outside their race is celebrated as the new come up.  Black men like Tommy Sotomayor and Dr. Boyce Watkins can state that the net worth of a black woman is $5, but, they are the winners; hence, why in the world and even black media outlets are so excited to see the engagement of between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

Now reflect, when was the last time the world showed the same enthusiasm for a black man marrying any race of woman?  See no one is eager to date black men anymore, but not to say black women do not love us; it is just that as much as black people claim to hate patriarchy and white people, this engagement symbolizes the tokenism black women can receive from the system.

Now I am not hating, so let us move that childish notation out the way.  The problem is that we as black people are making Meghan Markle out as our ambassador.  I see black women commenting on how happy they are to see one of them finally become royalty and even our girl who swirls, Christelyn Karazin has also used Markle for her interracial marriage campaign.

Black women are putting too much energy into this for one, Markle is biracial and could easily pass for anything, so I cringe when I see dark-skinned women believing that some white prince will save them.  Despite, black people allowing some biracials to identify as black, yet I see nothing black (figuratively) about her.  She is not even in a black sorority.

Secondly, she will not fix racial problems in the U.K. or African/Caribbean countries that are still affected by European colonialism.  What happened to black empowerment and independence?  Black people from the diaspora love to be conquered in hopes to feel welcomed or wanted in another race’s society.  Our weakness is so obvious, and therefore, Zimbabwe has fallen from grace with their new president.  Black men want acceptance, a good job and a white woman on their side.  Black women want global recognition and a non-black patriarchy.

To a degree, I can pity black women for not being globally worshipped, but it seems like black women would rather be attracted to non-black men than black men.  This new British royal family has black women feeling special due to the absence of white women, who is the black woman’s arch-enemy.  She has stolen the spotlight and sometimes the hearts of the black man.  Granted, some black women love white men for their genetic ability to birth biracial children who look exotic and white-passing, while others love their patriarchy and white privilege that they envy.

I do not care what feminists of any race tells you, they love (white) patriarchy.  The liberal white man is a fantasy that most women envision.  A white man who will oppose conservatives, yet becomes one once she realizes why money and power is taken and not freely given.  I am tired of these black female writers who are feminists fooling us with liberal and fake progressive nonsense only to run back white people when convenient.  I have looked at multiple comments on Facebook from Ebony, The Grio and The Root and I nod my head, but the best response was from Kinfolk Kollective who shares my same opinion.

Yet, I do not care what your momma or the hoodrat across the street told you about love and manhood.  Money is power, and it is most effective when black men discipline their sexual urges.  Despite the few of us who are millionaire rappers and ballers, we let our sex drive run us to the ground and then we cry foul and call out gold diggers.  We are getting them pregnant and run to Maury to make a fool of ourselves.  The conscious community has been talking about legacies for the longest and have failed.  Black Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) has also failed with their wall of silence, despite black women not checking them in the first place.

The absence of patriarchy is the reason we are a joke and excluded from the patriarchal competition.  Eventually, Brazil, foreign, light-skinned, mixed, white, Asian and Latina women will turn off black men because we are too easy to please and do not bring anything to the table.  Do not act surprised when we see Instagram models dating corny white and Asian men and leaving black men in the dust.

The interracial relationships featuring black women and non-black men is going to be more common.  As much as I critique black women, I can hardly blame them as we mislead ourselves to force women to like our intangibles (swag) over the tangibles.

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