Being a Sexy Man Means Nothing

By:  BlackConservative93

Social media was astatic over the crowning of Blake Shelton as 2017 Sexiest Man Alive.  Bloggers of color are outraged on how dare white society exclude Asian, Arab, Latino and black men.  The Grio and The Root have added their two cents with their alternative choices.  Despite black magazines self-electing black men as the new 2017 Sexiest Man Alive, it doesn’t undo the damage these publications commit in attacking the image of black men.  One minute we are the evil unstable patriarchs who let rape culture consume our communities, yet when it’s convenient to combat white media, all of a sudden white men ain’t shit.

Being the 2017 Sexiest Man Alive is nothing we (black men) need to worry about, especially on how we already pride ourselves on pseudo-positive promotion from the media.  Black men in white spaces always hear the usual stereotypes whether in college, work or in the military:

–          Black men have big dicks

–          Black men are masters in the bedroom

–          We have unlimited swag

–          We can steal your girl

–          We play ball

–          We have ripped prison-abs

The sad thing is that the stereotypes are fun until a black man is hit by a false accusation of rape by a white girl.  How about the constant wave of black men on Maury hoping they are not the father to their jumpoffs’ kids.  See how being the face gets old?  I am not saying we do not need to look good or have swag, but titles like those are useless.

I laugh at Asian men like the blogger LLAG who makes multiple complaints on how Asian men are not seen as attractive.  I noticed he is not the biggest fan of Kpop (Korean pop), but he needs to realize that Kpop defines Asian sex appeal.  There are tons of reaction videos and fans on YouTube of non-Asian girls (alone) who love Asian men.  Granted most of it from Kpop stereotypes and Asian assumptions as if most of them sing and dance all day with their pink and blue hair.  On top of that, Asians have an interesting culture that centers around tradition, anime and spirituality.  Just compare how many people care for Asian culture versus African culture, it’s no contest as if there is any such theme as African cosplay.

In conclusion, they have a patriarchy which the black community lacks, so overall, they have nothing to complain about.  Other races of men are judged on a patriarchal level as in power, status, family and money.  Meanwhile, black men are being measured by a superficial checklist because we have no confidence or resources to compete with other races of men.

Blake Shelton and other white celebrities can have that title, I want black people to focus on power rather than being the token handpicked by white people to make us happy.  We know the beauty contest is rigged, it’s the same old thing in these pageants.  Non-black men have it good and do not realize it because white women are not choosing them.

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