Could Blerds Save the Image of Black Love?

By:  BlackConservative93

Some may see interracial dating as a way to bridge the gap between black and white people, but others see racial competition once sexual economic factors come into play.  As a black person in the presence of white men, they are sexually conscious around us as white men expect black men to be players and masters in the bedroom with our stereotypical 12-inch dicks.  Tariq Nasheed and Cynthia G. have done a good job exposing the insecurities of white men, but little is discussed about black men’s insecurities when we see black women with non-black men.

A couple weeks ago, my best friend and I had a discussion on the difficulty in attracted black women.  I cannot help but notice the big media push to have black and biracial women to be with white men.  Typically, the roles of a superhero’s love interest goes to white women, but now black women are being saved by white men, yet we still wait for a movie to where black men save black women.

The biggest fiasco was with the premiere of the first black woman to be host of The Bachelorette.  It started a social media war on the racial loyalty of black women.  Hot topics like these is what keeps Christelyn Karazins Beyond Black & White in business.  Her platform has led to multiple trolls who allegedly threatened her life and the well-being of her family.  On a personal note, I do not have a problem with black women wanting to date outside their race, but I do not appreciate the slandering of black men.  Her website is full of hit pieces that make black men look violent, abusive and uneducated.  I recently skimmed over her latest Google Hangout entitled, “What Happens When Black Women Take the #PinkPill (Featuring Kendall St. Charles).”  Outlandish statements were made claiming black men deliberately make black women hate themselves so they can be less attractive to other races of men.  This analysis was in response to the infamous labeling of black women being “the least attractive race of women”.  The only thing I can agree on with Kendall St. Charles and Karazin is that black men have allowed the black women bashers to exist for too long.  I can only imagine how black women feel when seeing a Tommy Sotomayor video circulating thousands of views while using racial epitaphs comparing them to animals, the mentally handicapped and Terminators.  He alone is the reason why my argument that black men really love black women would fall on deaf ears.  Even amongst my peers, they have admitted that black women are not their main choice and even some do not date them at all.  I want to believe that their choose in women is not based off of hate, but rather circumstances.  Cut them some slack, they may live in the suburbs with only a hand full of black people to talk to in school or in the neighborhood in general.

Even with black relationships, often times they are more toxic than stable.  Black women’s racial loyalty goes to waste and is unappreciated.  They are staying in abusive relationships for the sake of love.  I had to stop or refrain from watching shows like Maury or any programming where black people run to white men to fix their relationships.  It’s obviously done for ratings.  Entertainment in America is seeing a black man who has nothing going for himself, yet he manages to attract beautiful women solely off of swag.

Unfortunately, the faces and loves stories of blerds in relationships with black women are rare to the point that not even I know if most blerds are even attracted to them.  Yet, I can vouch for myself in saying that I am a blerd who loves black women and for those who are like me we do have grievances.  Blerds are easy targets for rejection, so we ditch our character for the approval of the wrong crowd.  We lose ourselves because our sexual thirst gets the best of us.  I understand it because that is me in a nutshell.  I do not see blerds with black girlfriends or being praised by black women as the most desirable.  We believe the thugs are winning and it is true, but not in the long run.  Young minds see rappers with the sexiest of women as long they are showing off money and maintaining the ‘hood’ lifestyle.  Blerds are losing the approval of blackness.  Black women do have the power to fix most of the problems in our communities, if they chose to be with blerds or at least black men of substance.  When black boys see that there is more respect in education then they will not turn to crime for respect and love.

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