Fat Women, Online Dating Along with Regrets

By:  BlackConservative93

Call me lame, but yes I used the cheesiest online dating app POF, Plenty Of Fish.  Honestly, I do not regret using it, but there were plenty of women I regret talking to and dating.

I used to be a nervous wreck when talking to women on the phone, but I depended on an edge that enabled me to get about 6 phone numbers a night from very attractive women.  Talking to them was easy and the conversations would last 4 hours in the middle of night.

One night, I hit up a girl from Iowa and I asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend and she said yes.  Overtime I grew bored of the long distance relationship.  What bothered me the most was her weight.  At first I thought she was thick based off her pictures, but once I saw her Facebook I had to call it off.

POF is notorious for women’s deceptive ways to spice their dull lives and suck guys in for a honeytrap.  They will hide their weight, kids and financial status.  What broke my patience with online dating was one girl whom I talked to for two years.

At first, I only saw her for sexual gain, but she ended liking me on a deeper level.  She understood my struggle in fitting in school.  She reciprocated with her vows to submission and loyalty.  Her sexuality interested me as she was not afraid to be freaky.

Unfortunately, I had a falling out with her over assumed cheating with an ex from prison, but she explained that it was my misunderstanding of an old friend so I let it go.  Yet, I could not hold my breath when I noticed her gaining weight.  I asked if she could lose the stomach, but she rebuttled that it was too hard for her because of her race, gender and family genetics.

No, those are just lazy excuses to make me simp and let go of my standards.  Black women have a bad habit of using their weight as a substitute race card.  I do not want to hear how it runs in the family or that it is a black thing.  All I ask is to lose the weight or lose me.

And that’s what I did, I quietly let her go once I told her I would be going away due to my career.  I stopped texting and caring.  Before you hate me there is more to the story.  For a year now, she has been homeless and moving from house to house.  She even asked to stay with my parents.  Granted, she is older than me and it offends me that she cannot get her life together.

Maybe, I am wrong for holding her at a standard based off of the media.  We hear tons of stories and statistics of how black women are so educated and successful, so I want that in a woman.

I guess she and I are just too different, despite getting along so well, but as I mature I expect people to live to my standard.  My career expects me to be in shape, fit and healthy.  I am surrounded by men who are driven to be the best that they can be physically and mentally.  Their motivation has rubbed off on me.  It’s selfish to say, but I want a girl who will make my friends jealous.  Even in the professional realm as much as I used to like her, black women coming to the reunions, socials or whatever with tattoos, bad manners and lack of class are not going to cut it.  Granted, the weight, economic status and tattoos are the only things that bother me, but as I pondered if I really love, it would be no.

I feel like I wasted her time, but I may have saved her partially from other men and bad decisions.  Despite her not living up to my standards, her life seems happy on Facebook and I can rest my conscious easy in knowing that.

As a middle-class kid and second generation American, I have to be cautious to whom I lay with and give my seed to.  This lesson taught me patience and to hold to what I believe in and want from a black woman.  Granted, I do have a bias from the women I see on porn and Instagram, but it is no different than what women expect from black men, which is to be swagged out, abs, ripped-body, tons of money and has an edge.

I know women will look at me wrong and say I am a jerk for letting go of a loyal woman, but I am young and I want better.  I will not be putting a roof over someone’s head when I may not even be home most of the time.  I am saving her the heartbreak.

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