Black People, Please Do Not Let the Conscious Community Ruin Your Holiday Season

By:  BlackConservative93

As a black person or social mediaite you cannot celebrate one holiday, especially Thanksgiving or Christmas without the hotep-babble of how we are at war with white supremacy and that we need to substitute Western holidays with Afrocentric themes.

We get it that holidays have pagan and dark origins that make it less desirable to practice openly or originally.  We get it that it was messed up and somewhat racist that the black kid in the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special had to sit by himself.  Come on, David Banner are you literally boycotting a holiday because of a misrepresentation on a children’s show.

Thanksgiving is sacred, but think of it as to why preschoolers are given the white lie that the Native Americans welcomed the Pilgrims with open arms.  In truth, it was a hostile takeover that started the white supremacist takeover of America.  When kids see big balloons, floats, marching bands and celebrities, they are not going to sit there and ponder on America’s dark history.  To a degree, we are keeping their ignorance until they become of age when holidays are just days to sleep in their room all day.

No matter how you see the holiday season people just want to have fun and have a reason to be with their family.  Try working from 9 to 5 on Monday thru Friday or even the weekends, most likely you would like to have a break or a day off between the week.

I used to be super-conscious over holidays, but I hated being the Debbie Downer of the group.  Everyone is with family and posting pictures of their big feast, while my hotep-ass was watching YouTubes of conscious leaders debating Christians and white people that holidays do not need to be celebrated by black people.

For about 4 years, black people made good points on boycotting them and they were for good causes and responses, but the momentum always dropped prior to the actual holiday starting.  If we decided to refuse to buy Jordans on Black Friday then let’s continue the strike until it is out of business, but the boycotts are usually for a day and/or are not well planned out.

So, let’s cut the hashtags and woke facts.  In honest truth, we love Western ideas and customs created by white people.  We may moan and groan on how luxury companies are ungrateful towards our money because they refuse to hire us or they accuse of shoplifting, but we cannot resist the fun of being ignorant and carefree.

You think your white neighbors and friends give a damn about the real meaning or origins of today’s holiday’s?  No, not at all and they enjoy their ignorance and carefree feeling that a holiday was created to make the world a better place.

Eating turkey with friends and family does not contribute to white supremacy and it should not make anyone a coon.  Some people do not have a loving family, while there are those who can’t see their family because of an irregular work schedule, prison or medical reason.  Do not take things for granted.  I get the argument that holidays are superficial and that we do not need them to express love, but we do because obviously we do not show enough love to our family.  Think of those in your life who are struggling and mentally dying from the inside, now ask yourself where were you.  There are a couple people in my life that I will not see again and what makes it worse is that there are experiences and moments that I cannot get back, those days of being with the family will always stay in your heart and those moments again will be something that you would want to give to your future children and wife.

White supremacy is not on my mind 24/7, there are things and people more important than the pro-black YouTubers and vloggers who make a living off of dictating the lives of us.  As much as I like some conscious leaders, I would have to put them aside for my sanity and need for love.

If no one is going to say it then I will, it is okay to be pro-black or whatever and have your independent thoughts even if it contradicts with popular ideals or individuals.  It is your life and do not make the mistake that I once made in trading my joy for black acceptance.

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