Black Social Justice Warriors Swear They Run Shit Online

I was on Facebook yesterday & I saw a post from some social justice warrior stating something to the effect that, “If you are black and not married to a black person, then you have no right to speak on black relationships”.  I then saw another post by a social justice warrior stating, “White people have no right to talk to me about blackness” or some bullshit, I can’t recall word for word.  But anyways, I find all of this rather entertaining as if black people who declare themselves to be social justice warriors online honestly believe that they have some form of legit power to enforce what people can or can’t say.  I mean, knee grows will honestly get online & type these long status updates & do these wack ass live streams as if they are announcing some type of new rule to restrict white people (or anybody who doesn’t fit their SJW viewpoint) from speaking on whatever subject they want to speak on.  I’ve said this before somewhere on this site….niggas really take this social media shit seriously B.  And to make matters worse, it’s even more pathetic to watch these “restricted” groups bow down to these people as if these people honestly have a legit source of power. 😂

A while ago I had some social justice warrior knee grow tell me that I wasn’t qualified to speak on black issues because I’m a mulatto.  I told this knee grow in the most kind words I could possibly find something like, “Damn it must suck being just a monoracial black-black knee grow.  You honestly have convinced yourself that you have some type of real authority to dictate what other people can or can’t do in regards to the subject of blackness.  Fuxx outta here nigga witcho black ass.”  And that was pretty much how the conversation went.  I mean, at the end of the day, what is this nigga going to do to me when I talk about blackness? Nothing.  Niggas honestly think their opinions on social media on what blackness is and who can or can’t talk about it actually mean something in the real world.

One thing that I don’t do is try to tell people that they can’t have an opinion on a subject just because they are a certain gender, race or whatever.  I never saw the point in doing so.  People can have opinions all day long, doesn’t mean I have to agree or listen to them shits, but they can have an opinion.  Knee grows who have somehow convinced themselves on their social media profiles that just because they say a certain group of people can or can’t participate in something because they are not a certain gender or race are a bunch of damn idiots.  I read a thread yesterday where some black dude was complaining about a white dude who questioned him on being a black veteran while running around screaming these stereotypical social justice warrior “down with whitey & white supremacy” talking points.  Black dude got highly offended at the white dude questioning him as if the white dude had no authority to question some random knee grow with a Facebook account.  So the black dude did what damn near every FB social justice warrior does now to gain social media “street cred” in order to get their LIKES and followers up….the black dude blocked the white dude, screenshot the entire convo, made a public thread going off on the white dude for questioning him, then tagged every other FB SJW to the thread to talk shit about a white dude who asked a legit question to a black dude who claims to hate racism & white supremacy so much but clocks in every single day as member of the military.  The white dude could be a complete ass, I don’t know and don’t care at this point.  But the mere fact that black social justice warriors honestly think they can dictate the flow of conversations is the most laughable shit I’ve seen in a while.

But this is what happens when people recognize & understand that they have no real power or skill sets to do anything beyond drag people on social media.  They make up these fantasy worlds with fantasy rules for how they believe people should be engaging in dialogue & normalities because they understand that in the real world, nobody recognizes nor gives a fuck about these people.

Your favorite mulatto.
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