BLE 97: What’s Going On With Black Women These Days?


Talking about how it’s too many crazy black women out in the streets these days.

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Facebook Fuckery:  Downtown Lesli Brown

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Your favorite mulatto.

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  1. H.T. Smith

    November 21, 2017 at 11:56 am

    Fact is, ive heard this kind of logic from women in my family. Not suprisingly, theyre in their late 20s early 30s with multiple kids. This is not to say that the kids are the result of thinking like this, but it certainly does not help.

    As for the being humble logic, look, my mom is an a**hole, but shes still a beautiful woman. According to my pervy cousin on my dads side of the family (they never married), she looks like cherokee D’ass. So i can see the argument. However, women do have annoying standards with men as a woman can walk into a social environment and find a mate eventually. Men need money or to “glow up” to get play if your ugly like me.

    Also, and this will get me the sideeye from gil, but i have to agree with tyrone on trans women. Theres this one trans woman in my town who looks like juliette lewis but with purple or red hair (it depends when i see her) that i have a huge crush on. Yes, i know she used to be a man. We met when she transitioning.

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