Why Reddit Banning Groups Like Incels is Good for Black Men

By:  H.T., Website:  Rogue Black Nerd

I won’t lie, in my infamous article, reading it back I ironically was going through a big incel/red pill binge, fueled by my insecurity over my now failed relationship that I found out she had mentally tapped out of months before the actual breakup.  What drove me to write this was when I recently met with my ex and she revealed that while I was on Facebook freaking out, she had gone on to have slept with a few guys off Tinder and was trying to go back to school and try to get her life back in sorts.  Was I angry?

No, rather, I was relieved.  Relieved because for the first time in a long time I didn’t have an excuse to be miserable over something that had happened at least 3 times in my life before.  Rather than be sad, I vented to a friend, I watched a few Masserati XXX videos and kept it rolling.  But it was seeing that Reddit has banned r/Incel that I realized what I had almost become.

Involuntary celibate, or Incel, is one of many subcultures on the internet that one could argue goes back to the 60s with the free man movement and other responses to the women’s lib movement.  Red Pill, PUA, Anti-PUA (the favorite of mass shooter Elliot Rodgers), MGTOW, and the good old chestnut of the men’s rights activists are many groups dedicated to the idea that men are oppressed by our need to gain the affections of women and that the playing field is not even.

The reason I say that black men are disproportionately harmed by these ideologies is that the masculinity of black men, as built by white society, is the idea that black men are supposed to have a raw, irresistible aura about us that should make black women desire us more but make white women be ready to jump your bones out of defiance.  Black men who either do not fit within the ideals of black masculinity as we know it to be, ie. be the thug or the player, gravitate to these ideologies that are cognate enough to compartmentalize their movement for black men as they recognize the racism of these movements, but still maintain loyalty to the ideas themselves as they value the ability to be both a victim and a bully.  Furthermore, these men normalize deplorable actions such as, but not limited to, outright rape.  In fact, the biggest reason cited by Reddit for banning the group was because Incel discussions often involve justifying rape and sexual assault.  

Simply put, these kinds of groups do not help as while the belief that men are trash and straight black men are the white people of black people, while highly abrasive and lacking some tact, could potentially help black men not be shitty to black women, these groups I feel can’t actually FIX anyone.  These groups exist to troll, plain and simple.  Simply put, these people believe in a time when men had all the power in intergender relationships, but the facts are that this literally required women being second class citizens in order to pull this off.  These guys speak of times when it was legal for a 32 year old man to marry a 14 year old girl yet they talk about how women nowadays date for hypergamous reasons while going on about how in ancient times daughters were treated as little more than bargaining tokens, so apparently the outrage is that women would much prefer marriages where they benefit somehow than to be treated as a way to get land.

In tying things to modern events, these types of people view the great deal of outings of sexual predators in hollywood not as a revolution against women’s oppression but rather a cultural conspiracy to emasculate men.  These groups, in all their self loathing, project their feelings of being underfoot of so-called “alpha males” and “thugs” that they believe that rather than this being a sign that they should grow or improve, believe that this is a forming of a sexual caste system and that because they were not groomed to be the athlete or the heartthrob in some fashion, or simply because their genes didn’t give them the upper hand they wanted, feminists and their male co-conspirators have decided that it’s time to thin the herd reproduction wise.  I say all this jargon with such conviction because I have seen both these things said and at one point believed it.  And this is why I know these kinds ideologies do not help black men with women in general, let alone black women.

This is not a call to turn men into card carrying feminists.  This is just to maintain what bit of civility and morals are left and fostered in black men.  Call it feminism if you wish.  I simply believe that if we are not careful these men will create a subculture of self-loathing based off their obsession on how men who may very well not be good for reproduction or even just being fathers get women and they are left rejected by those same women who may very well have shitty standards.  This state of mind leaves women looking less like human beings and more like bullies for simply saying no or not giving them the reactions or answers they want.  I say the downplay and rejection of these groups are needed as I have seen potential in many of the men who live among these groups.  For every unwashed loser who simply wants his big titty goth GF without the effort, there are men who simply lost their way after being frustrated with the normalization of toxic behavior along with, yes, the at times overly authoritarian stances of SOME feminist figureheads.  All in all, I believe this is is a step in the right direction in showing these kinds of people for what they are:  aggregators who seek little more than validation.  For their views.

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