How the Ciara & Russell Wilson Marriage Looks to a Child Raised by a Single Parent

By:  H.T., Website:  Rogue Black Nerd

Growing up, I was around both my parents.  My father essentially lived on the other side of town, but I saw him regularly.  My mother raised me with the help of both my grandmother and my great aunts.  Growing up, I saw what it was like to have the attractive mom that men went crazy over, and I saw what it was like to have two parents that dated a lot.  And I saw the drama of custody battles and the like, so on a level, I have a bit of perspective on these sorts of things as I’ve lived this from Baby Future’s perspective and I see it with coworkers and friends to this day.


Future isn’t so much a bad guy to me as he makes bad decisions.  Simply put, if you’re trying to win visitation for your kid, maybe don’t be known for being addicted to a drug that could easily kill you.  Furthermore, his fans that don’t so much defend him as they try to find the problem with Russell Wilson don’t help his case as these are guys finding a problem with a pro football player that treats his child great.  You wanna help Future?  Push him to sit down man-to-man and work shit out.  Pretty much all my anger towards him is really just my anger towards his fans who act like there’s a problem with a mom wanting a positive role model in her son’s life.  The facts are that Future is a world famous rapper that does drugs a lot and admits dudes are trying to kill him.  I’m not saying this makes him a bad man.  I am saying the environment that Future’s life brings ain’t safe for a kid and if you think it is, you are the problem.  I can’t liken him too much to my father as nothing about his life compares, but I will say the issues about custody rings familiar.


The only comparisons I can make off jump about my mom compared to Ciara is that both are beautiful women, both made the mistake of hooking up with, getting engaged to but not marrying a troubled man while still having his kid.  Beyond that, I have to say that Ciara kinda didn’t help her case as not being dramatic by constantly recording Baby Future’s interactions with Russell for public consumption.  In the end, all this does is spark arguments that really go nowhere fast but keeps her name in the limelight.  I’d like to take this time out to point out that a lot of you guys on the net saying that Russell should have left her alone and left her to suffer for years of fucking with fuck niggas are just sad.  Guys can go our whole lives chasing after dusty chicks and no one tells us we deserve to suffer and just stick to them.  But let one woman want more for herself and suddenly she’s looking for a captain save a hoe.  Just let her be happy, yeesh.


Russ is the one I’m a bit conflicted on.  I have a coworker who’s about 44 years old but is currently helping raise the child of his ex who’s about 27 years old.  She’s also married.  So I look at that kinda shit and have some bias.  On the other hand, I look at families like the Curry’s, a family where the Steph and Ayesha didn’t have sex till their wedding night and have lived in happiness since.  The reason I bring both of these up is because simply put, Russell is a good man trying to do the right thing.  I’d also like to point out that Russell broke up with his WHITE wife years before getting with Ciara, so do with that info what you will.  I think he’s a man trying to help a child be raised within a solid family, not unlike himself.  What worries me is that I feel like in one way or another, this might blow up in his face.  Either Ciara will use him to elevate into a new career at best.  At worse…I don’t wanna jinx it, but I feel like she could go as far as cheating on him with some sort of Future-eque rapper or whatever, thus making Russell’s actions pointless.  I’m not saying it will happen, I’m just saying theres always that fear.

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