Laura Loomer is The Poster Child for Why Nobody Likes White People

If you’ve never heard of Laura Loomer, don’t feel bad…neither have I.  She literally just popped up in my Twitter feed due to a retweet from a person I follow.  So why am I mentioning her?  Simple, look at her tweet below…

Laura Loomer is the reason why so many people of color (especially black people) can’t stand white people.  We can go down the rabbit hole of calling her racist, a white supremacists, to which all of that is more than likely true.  I haven’t researched her beyond this tweet and I have no plans of doing so.  This tweet was all the confirmation I needed to see to appropriately place her in those categories.  This tweet engulfs everything that is genetically wrong with white people across the board.  This tweet proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that white people everywhere are exactly how people of color believe them to be.  Sure, a few of you will be on some, “NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE!”  I get it.  Sure.  But as I’ve stated numerous times on this website, it’s literally too damn many of you out there to be wasting time trying to separate the “good ones” from the bad ones.  Sure, it’s some good white people out there that vehemently despise people like Laura Loomer and nobody is taking anything away from you all, but just own up to the fact that it’s probably way more Laura Loomer’s than the so-called good white folk to the point where people of color just see potential Laura Loomers everywhere we go.  Don’t take it personal.  It is what it is.

But I did read one good reply to this tweet from a white guy who stated the following…

So maybe there is a sprinkle of hope for white people.  Just a sprinkle.

Side note:  After typing all of this up, I went to Google to search for a picture of Laura Loomer to use for the header of this article and I saw this…so, I guess that’s that.

Your favorite mulatto.

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