Black People Stay Popping Up in Places Where White People Don’t Want Them

What is it with black people showing up to places where they know they are not wanted?  Exactly what are you trying to prove?  I don’t get it.


So in this video 2 black men & I’m assuming a white guy were kicked out of a predominately white church simply because they were wearing Black Lives Matter t-shirts.  Now for the average person seeing this on social media, the anger & the feels are probably about to erupt at any second as this is just another display of white people being what they always are and what they always will be….white.  But at the same time, when will niggas (and wiggas) stop being niggas to the point of thinking that just because you are black and you feel a certain type of way about an issue that white people have to bow down and respect your position to the point of just allowing you to do you all up in their face on their private property?

“Fuck you!  You sound like a coon!” — random knee grow reading this

Then a coon I shall be.  And I shall be this coon because I have enough common sense to avoid going to places either my skin color or my political message may not be wanted.  For instance, I talked about knee grows going to that white nationalist rally in Gainesville, FL last week searching for love from white supremacists.  I don’t give a damn how racist these white people are, I didn’t see the point in black people attending that event under the illusion that a hug & a few pics on social media were about to change anything.  So fast forward another week to the present and here we are, more knee grows & their caucasian side kick trying to go viral for showing up to a church where they more than likely knew that their message of Black Lives Matter was not wanted.  I mean, they had to have known due to the guy holding the camera referencing a woman being kicked out of the church for what I’m assuming were similar circumstances.  So if that’s the case, then why in the world did they show up?  What were they honestly expecting when they arrived wearing their Black Lives Matter t-shirts to a white church more than likely filled with a bunch of crusty dusty old white people who probably watch Fox News religiously?  I mean, at this point in the game, why is this knee grow holding the camera putting on this front trying to act like he’s so surprised that they had to be escorted out of the building?

You know why he’s acting so surprised?  It’s because it was all an act to get social media attention.  That’s it.  One thing about a lot of these social justice warriors is that they have a insatiable appetite for social media attention by any means necessary.  Knee grows can’t just get online and speak their piece to the people who desire to hear their messages because quite often, nobody pays these people any attention.  So in order to drum up attention, too many of these knee grows have to resort to making themselves look like a victim in order to get those likes & shares up.  They figure if they can get white people on camera looking evil towards black people, then their social media status will sky rocket.  And that’s all most of them do this for to be honest with you.  Granted there are plenty of legit cases where white people need to be called out on their bullshit, but this ain’t one of them.  This video was clearly a few knee grows & their side kick looking to start some shit in an environment where they knew damn well they clearly were not welcomed in hopes of getting some social media shine thrown on them so they can run around declaring themselves to be the newest “victim” on these social media streets.  Reality is, these knee grows knew what the deal was prior to stepping foot in that church wearing their Black Lives Matter t-shirts and they knew what the more than likely outcome was going to be.  They knew this and yet they chose to do it anyways just so people all over social media can shower them with social media love.  That’s it.  If they had’ve gone to a predominately black church wearing their Black Lives Matter t-shirts, nobody would have given a damn as most people would have probably been in support of the message, but they would have failed at their ultimate agenda and that agenda was to paint white people as evil for kicking black people out of church for simply expressing their views on social injustice splashed across their t-shirts.

Maybe these white people are evil.  Maybe they are racist.  Who knows and who fucking cares at this point.  The real issue is why these idiots decided to attend that specific church wearing those shirts as if they honestly thought everything was about to all honky-dory.  No it wasn’t and they knew it and they only went there for the sole reason of causing some shit.  That’s it.

Now I do find it rather entertaining that out of ALL OF THE COPS the police department could have sent to that white church to boot these knee grows out of there, they chose to send some black cops. 🤔  You know that couldn’t have been by accident.

But anyways, the lesson to be learned here is this:  stop seeking social media attention all of the damn time from frequenting places where you know damn well you and/or your message are not wanted especially if that place just happens to be private property.  All of your complaining on social media & the mainstream media have yet to sway most white people so what made you think that wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt to a white church filled with a bunch of white crusty dusties was about to help anything?  Get real.

Your favorite mulatto.
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