Tuskegee University Has the BEST Homecoming!!!

If you were never fortunate enough to attend an HBCU, then I feel sorry for you.  Too bad.  Fortunately I was blessed to attend Tuskegee University during the years of 1998 – 2002 and everyday was an experience regardless of if there was anything popping on the yard or not.  Just being surrounded by blackness all day everyday while we all strived to attain degrees of higher education was just a beautiful experience all in itself…never mind the fact that it was like 10 women for every 1 guy that went to school there.  😬

Well for the rest of you who weren’t as fortunate, here’s a taste of how Tuskegee University gets down during our Homecoming festivities.  You’re not about to get this level of enthusiasm, love & all around turnt up blackness at any other HBCU and damn sure will not get this at a PWI.


Your favorite mulatto.
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