What is This Fascination with Eating Booty?

So Gabrielle Union was all over social media over some comments about her alluding to eating booty.  Now whether or not she actually does, you & I will never know, so I guess it really doesn’t matter at this point.

But what I do find somewhat interesting is this fascination for eating booty.  I don’t mean fascination in the sense that I’m about to start licking booty, but a fascination in why eating booty is actually a sexual pleasure in the first damn place.  The words “eating booty” sounds just as disgusting as I’m assuming the actual act of eating booty.  I cannot understand this desire some people have to stick their tongue in the crack of someone’s ass and literally lick in & around their anus.  Maybe the person on the receiving end is experiencing some type of pleasure from the licking, but for the person actually licking…you literally have your tongue in someone’s ass.  Like, literally….tongue…in…ass.  The same area where this person expels logs of shit into a toilet.  I don’t get it.  I really don’t.

But some of you will say…

“B-b-but…I bet you eat coochie!  What’s the difference?!”

Truth be told, I have no answer for you.  Both acts require one to put their mouth in an area where human waste (& occasionally a baby) pops out.  But as far as eating coochie goes, I guess one argument I can put together is that the vagina is a self-cleaning “machine” (assuming everything is working properly down there).  The butt…nah B…ain’t no self-cleaning going on with that area.  Depending upon the grade of one’s toilet paper & proper wiping techniques will dictate just how clean the booty may or may not be.  But to each their own I guess.  If licking butt holes with the risk of catching hepatitis, E. coli & a few dingle berries is this your thing, who am I to tell you any different?  I’ll never understand the desire to do so, but if you feel your life is unfulfilled due to your tongue not being able to rim a booty hole, then go out there and rim those booties.

Your favorite mulatto.
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