This is Why Black Men Deserve No Respect

So the picture in the header popped up on my timeline with the following caption…

“A strange thing happened in Gainesville, Florida at the Richard Spencer White Nationalist Rally.  My son Julius Long wanted to attend the event in hopes of speaking with Mr. Spencer about his views on hate.  While at the event, he befriended a Nazi sympathizer from Idaho who was being beaten, spit on and treated really bad by protesters.  He escorted the guy to safety and talked with him for over an hour.  He eventually gave him a ride to his car and exchanged contact information.  This strange encounter proves that when we talk with each other we can better understand each other and one day love will conquer hate.  Share this with all of your FB friends.  #loveconquershate.” — Rodney J. Long

Black people are the only people in this country who will go out of their way in search of friends from people who vehemently hate you with a passion.  Black people are the only people who constantly look to please white people no matter how racist these people can be towards you.  Black people are quite literally the dumbest group of people in this country when it comes to race relations and everybody knows this except for black people.

When is the last time you decided to wake up to travel to a rally full of white people who were discussing ways on how they can further oppress & practice open racism towards you as a black person?  When was the last time you woke up thinking to yourself that today is going to be the day that I go out to become friends with a stone cold white supremacist who traveled from the other side of the country to attend a rally filled with white people who hate my black ass with a passion?  For me, I can’t think of a single time I ever rolled out of my bed with the thought of befriending a white person who honestly believes that the world would be a better place if I ceased to exist.  I’m 37 years old…not once has this thought ever crossed my mind.  Ever.  But sadly, I can’t say the same for the rest of you dumb niggas out there.

What is it with black folks fascination with wanting to spread love to a bunch of people who have been telling you for probably 500 damn years that they do not love your black ass?  These people have done everything within their power to demonstrate time & time again that they do not love you and they wish you stopped breathing air.  If these people could round up your black ass and string it from a tree or toss you in an oven, they would gladly do it and celebrate like they just hit the Powerball lottery.  Meanwhile, your dumb black ass is out here hugging up on people wearing Swastika t-shirts under the impression that posing for a picture with this dude is really about to change his views on your ignorant black ass.  It’s no wonder why so many white people just laugh at black people and black people like me continually call out you dumb niggas.  This picture of this black man cheesing with this white supremacist is the epitome of a weak black man.  But then again, can I really blame this black man in this picture for honestly believing that “love conquers hate” when these white supremacists have demonstrated nothing but pure hate for the last 500 years towards your black ass?  No.  I have to point the finger to this man’s father who is on Facebook celebrating this foolishness like his son is about to win some type of humanitarian of the year award.  This man’s father, Rodney J. Long, is the definition of an old scared nigga.

See the thing about these old scared niggas is that they were once young scared niggas.  His father more than likely was one of those dudes growing up in the 60s shaking in his boots when black people came around him talking that black power talk because Rodney J. Long didn’t want to upset the power dynamic of racism for fear of getting his ass beat or killed.  Sure today, Rodney J. Long will probably tell these ignorant young people about how he was out in the streets fighting racism & white supremacy, and I wouldn’t even be surprised if he threw in an elaborate tale about how he allegedly marched with Dr. King (yet no proof will ever materialize).  But don’t let any of that shit fool you.  This picture of his son posing with this neo-Nazi is the undeniable hardcore tangible in your face proof of EVERYTHING you need to know about Rodney J. Long and what he has been instilling in his son since his son he was a child….PURE COWARDICE.  Rodney J. Long has been a coward, is a coward and will go to his grave a coward.  His son will follow in his footsteps.

You see, these type of niggas are not about black empowerment.  Scroll through this nigga’s Facebook page and you won’t see one lick of black empowerment talk.  You’ll see plenty of “I loves the Lawd…oh yes I’z do!” talk along with a video of him trying to come to a meeting of the minds with this same white racist who just told him on video that he can’t say the things he wants to say (about black people) as openly as white people once were allowed to do so.

This is the state of most black men in America these days.  A bunch of Nazi-hugging cowards who were raised by a bunch of old nigga cowards who were once a bunch of young nigga cowards.

Side Note:  Do you think there will be any pictures floating on social media showing one of these neo-Nazis running up to hug a black person to become best buds with him any time soon?  I doubt it.

Update 25 Oct 2017:  My response to everybody catching feels over this article:

Your favorite mulatto.


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