“Leem ‘Lone….Eminem’z Speakin’ Fah Uzz!” — Black People All Over Social Media

I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again…

Nothing gets black people more excited than a white savior coming to a black award show on a “black” tv network to speak on behalf of black people because nobody else is listening to them.

Black people are in such desperation for being heard & recognized that they’ll take any random person with white skin regardless of how famous they are to speak on behalf of black people in order to shine light to black issues that America tends to ignore.  Case in point with that of Dixon D. White.  Dude was literally a nobody before one of his videos went viral all over social media & the mainstream media back in 2015 for simply repeating shit black people have been saying for years.  Rubia Garcia is another white chick who’s gained quite a name & following for speaking on racism & white supremacy.  Go to these people’s Facebook pages and niggas are all over these pages salivating over every letter these people type.  It reminds me of that scene from Game of Thrones where Khaleesi was being carried by the former slaves and all of the slaves had their hands extended towards her.

This is what niggas on social media are looking like in reference to Eminem.

But anyways, here’s the deal…

White people can speak on behalf of black people all day long if they want.  I honestly have no issue with it.  And as a matter of fact, I believe more white people should speak on behalf of the way America treats black people.  But the problem I have is how too many knee grows put way too much emphasis & stock into white people speaking on behalf of black people as if black people’s words mean shit.  Sure, a nigga will run around and say some dumb shit like, “Well, at least they’re speaking.  We need them as allies to speak.”  To that I say, why do you place so much damn emphasis & award so much damn praise to white people who say the exact same shit that black people say?  How come you knee grows can’t put this much appreciation towards the countless non-famous, semi-famous or famous black people who have BEEN highlighting these issues?  Why?

Maybe it’s because, I don’t know…too many of you knee grows value whiteness more than you value your own blackness.  Too many of you knee grows can’t see yourselves independently from whiteness.  There are knee grows on social media right now who are famous offline who’ve been speaking out on black issues for gawd knows how long now that have YET to receive this much excitement from black people as Eminem has.

Some of y’all reading this will I’m assume I’m just hating, to which I really don’t give a fuck.  Regardless, the point is, white people can say whatever they want to help shine light on black issues…fine.  But way too many of you niggas take their words to the extreme.  Too many of you knee grows probably experience orgasmic sensations every time a white person decides put his white benefits to the side to speak on behalf of the lowly knee grows that nobody ever listens to (too include other knee grows).  Seriously, niggas were on social media celebrating Eminem like he was Benny Hinn just slapping the shit out of black folks desperate spirits.

Your favorite mulatto.


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