“Where the White Rappers When They Mowed Mike Brown Down?” — David Banner


Since everybody is on Eminem’s nuts today about his freestyle at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards show when he was going in on Trump and everybody and their mama felt great joy for seeing a white face speak on behalf of black people, I thought I would take this time to remind you of one of my favorite hip hop artists by the name of David Banner who’s been using his platform to speak on behalf of black people for about roughly 20 years now.

At the very end of this cypher David Banner made a very important statement as it relates to Eminem & others:

“Where the white rappers when they mowed Mike Brown down…Nowhere to be found.” — David Banner, 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards freestyle cypher

Good question.  Where were they?  I posted this question on my timeline on Facebook and I had one person tell me:

“In rehab.  Eminem was literally in rehab that summer for a prescription pill problem.”

Ok.  So what about MGK, Paul Wall, Yelawolf, Mac Miller & Action Bronson just to name a few…they were popping back in 2014 as well.  What’s their excuse?

Anyways, I’m not taking away anything from Eminem expressing his feelings in regards to Donald Trump or the mistreatment of people of color in today’s society.  It’s his right to do so.  I’m simply pointing out how the same feelings when coming from a black person fail to get the amount of shine that would come towards a white person who made the same statement.  That’s all.  You all know it just like I know it.  Black people’s cries go unheard until a white person decides to step out of their comfort zone to risk being ostracized to speak on behalf of black people.  Sure, some can argue that that’s the way the game goes, to which you are probably right.  But how come nobody appears to take issue with the silencing of black people period.  Why must black people always rely on white voices to be heard in matters concerning life or death?  Why?

How come black people can’t state our piece about our struggles and survival and people actually open their fucking ears to listen & learn without the need for a fucking white moderator every damn time?  Why?

So if you take offense to me calling Eminem black people’s white savior for speaking on behalf of black people because you are more focused on him managing to get light thrown his way to highlight the issues of racism in this country more than you are concerned with why muthafuckas choose to ignore black voices in the first damn place to where we shouldn’t NEED the Eminems of the world to speak on our behalf in the year 20-fucking-17…then you are just as much of a fucking problem as the people who choose to ignore black people’s issues until the white savior shows up.

Your favorite mulatto.
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