Black People are Celebrating Eminem’s Freestyle Like He’s The New White Savior

All over social media I see black people jumping & cheering in response to Eminem’s freestyle about Trump at the BET Hip Hop awards and I can’t hep but wonder where have I heard these bars before…oh that’s right…from countless black people.

I’m not about to go on a tirade trashing Eminem.  I’m neither a fan or a hater of this guy.  But I will say that the celebration from black people in response to his freestyle is rather problematic.  This freestyle against Trump once again proves that nobody gives a fuck about black voices until a white person steps up to repeat these concerns.  How many countless non-famous, semi-famous and famous black voices have called out Trump for his racist bullshit since Trump first walked down those steps to announce his candidacy back in 2015?  How many black people have been punished in some way for calling out the Trump’s racist rhetoric and America’s addiction to racism & white supremacy as well?  Too many to count.  Yet how many of these black people have been celebrated to this level for addressing issues with Trump that directly impact the communities & culture these black people come from?  I can’t really think of any.

The problem is not with the message that Eminem delivered and it’s not even really a problem with the messenger.  The problem is really with the receiver of the message.  Eminem poetically stated in 4 minutes and some change what countless black voices have been screaming for years now all over the media & social media but yet, seldom get any real recognition.  Add to the fact that the message was delivered to a majority black audience on a so-called “black” tv network at a predominately black award show by a white guy to be received with such reverence only helps to strengthen the argument that black people love white saviors.

Remember about 2 years ago when that so-called reformed racist redneck by the name of Dixon D. White (who’s actually a hispanic actor playing a part) went viral from sitting in his pickup truck talking about how he’s not racist anymore.  This guy was all over the news, all over social media, he was getting invited all over the place to speak out against racism & white supremacy galore.  But the reality of the situation was, Dixon D. White was literally repeating shit that black people have been saying for years, hell decades about racism & white supremacy, yet nobody was listening.  And that’s the everlasting problem.  Nobody listens to black people expressing their pain & discomfort until a WHITE PERSON decides to say something about.  Americans (black, white, whomever) generally will ignore the words coming out of a black person’s mouth about inequality & racism until a white savior finally decides to roll up and speak on behalf of the black person.

Once again, the mere fact that a white person can be celebrated with such exuberance by black people for simply repeating the same stuff black people have been saying combined with the fact that white America’s ears tend to perk up to listen to what this white person says on account for black people further proves that America simply prefers its negroes to suffer in silence.

Your favorite mulatto.
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