White People Don’t Give a Damn About Patriotism, They Only Care About Silencing Black People

I was out & about earlier today running some errands.  I pulled up into this gas station to fill up my car.  As I was at the gas station I saw a beat down looking white guy asking for money and facing constant rejection.  So as I’m getting my gas, this old beat down looking white guy approaches me to ask for some money.  As he got closer I noticed he had a hat on with a patch stitched on it saying Vietnam vet.  So with me being prior military I immediately asked if he was prior service.  He said yes.  But to confirm this, I asked him a random military question that only a real veteran would know the answer to without even having to think twice about it.  He got the answer correct.  So I reached into my pocket and handed him a few bucks & also gave him a card with the local VA hospital’s information on it in case he ever needed their services.  I didn’t ask him what his problems were that put him in this position.  I didn’t ask him what he was going to do with the few bucks I gave him.  I didn’t ask him shit.  I just gave him the money, he said thanks and that was that.

Across the street from this gas station was a store I decided to go into.  I went into the store to get whatever I needed and then exited the store.  When I came out I saw this same Vietnam vet still walking around asking people for money and everybody he approached just either ignored him like he wasn’t there or told him they didn’t have any money.  Out of pure curiosity I decided to stand outside of my car for a little bit and count how many people didn’t acknowledge this guy’s presence or made up an excuse about not having money.  I think I stood out there for about 10 minutes watching people coming and going, coming and going, coming and going and people either just pretended they didn’t see or hear this guy or not offered him any money at all.  For the brief time I was out there I believe I counted at least 40 people or so.

Anyways, I tell this story not to present myself as some type of hero for giving money to a guy in need of money.  Like most other people, chances are I would have probably ignored this guy as well if it weren’t for our connection to the military.  Ever since I got out of the military, I kind of have a soft spot for vets I see out on the streets like this knowing all of the bullshit they’ve probably gone through while serving which contributed to them being in their present condition of asking strangers for money on the streets.  But I bring all of this up to say this, everyday since the start of football season white people (& their pet minorities looking for a pat on the head) have been banging the drum non-stop screaming to the top of their lungs that black NFL players kneeling are being disrespectful to the American flag & America’s veterans.  Despite these white people knowing full damn well exactly the reason for the kneeling, they have managed to flip the narrative to once again make black people seem like the bad guys for highlighting the bad shit America does to black people.  It’s even gotten to the point where Trump is on Twitter making threats about getting tax laws changed if the NFL doesn’t force their players to stand up.

This is how ridiculous this thing has gotten.

But no matter what bullshit you may hear spilling from the mouths of countless white Americans demanding that black NFL players stand up and show respect to the American flag & America’s vets…white people themselves don’t give a fuck about any of that shit.  White people ONLY care about harassing & silencing black people who shine the spotlight on white America’s addiction to racism, injustice and white supremacy.  That’s it.  White people don’t give a fuck about a flag, they don’t give a fuck about a national anthem, and they damn sure don’t give a fuck about military veterans.  The 40 or so mostly white people that I watched earlier passing by that old Vietnam vet didn’t give 2 shits about this guy or his condition to either give him a few bucks or offer to buy him something out of the store.  Not one damn person.  And this isn’t just unique to the area I live in, this shit is everywhere.  I remember back in January right before Trump swore into office I was in D.C. site seeing and I walked past a vet on some busy ass street.  I gave him a few bucks while god knows how many people walked right past this guy as if they didn’t even see him.  Never mind the fact this guy was holding a sign saying “HOMELESS VET” in big fucking letters.

You would think with all of this uber fake-patriotism running rampant these days that vets out on the streets would be rolling in the dough or have an endless supply of invites from strangers willing to feed them.  But no.  They don’t.  You know why?  Because America doesn’t give a fuck about veterans.  Never have, never will.  So all of these white people demanding respect aren’t demanding respect for shit on behalf of a vet or the American flag.  These white supremacists and their minority pets are simply engaging in America’s national pastime of harassing & silencing the niggers.  That’s it.  That’s all this has ever been about and this is all this shall continue to be about.  That’s it.  They want you to shut your black asses up about racism & injustice and stand there before their flag pretending like your life and life experiences have zero meaning.  You are fucking up their illusion of American exceptionalism by pointing out all of the flaws that makes being white so great in this country.

As for these vets they claim to love so much, most white people espousing this fake ass patriotism wouldn’t even notice them if they were laying dead on streets.

Your favorite mulatto.
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