New Knowledge Knee Grows Get on My Damn Nerves

So, I’m at the barbershop yesterday trying to get a fresh cut and chopping it up with my barber.  As we’re talking my barber says to me, “Man can you believe it’s Columbus Day already?”  I replied to him by saying, “Damn, you’re right.  I didn’t even realize it.”  Then out of nowhere some random knee grow sitting in the shop interjects himself into our conversation by telling us, “Man fuck Columbus Day!  Black people were in America BEFORE Columbus ever brought his racist genocidal ass over here!  You need to learn your facts brotha!”  Meanwhile, all I was concerned with was how fast the year 2017 has flown by.  It was at this point that I came to conclusion that new knowledge knee grows get on my fucking nerves.

So what’s a new knowledge knee grow?

A new knowledge knee grow is exactly what it sounds like, a nigga who just learned some new shit recently & can’t wait to offload this new knowledge onto somebody as if nobody ever knew this knowledge before this knee grow informed you of its existence.  You see this happen way too often in the woke community coming from mainly new woke people.  It can be some simple shit like, “damn, that light skin chick fine as fuck!”  Then here comes this new knowledge knee grow running up on you loud as shit like, “She’s only light skin because of all of the rape Africans were forced to suffer through from white people during slavery!”  Meanwhile, you’re like nigga…really?!  Wow.  I didn’t know that. 😕  How come I can’t just admire this fine ass light skin woman for the moment without a fucking history lesson that you can wait to share on account of you just now watching a Hidden Colors documentary or some shit?

Another thing about new knowledge knee grows is that they appear to be angry all of the damn time.  I get it, your world was just rocked by learning some new shit about black people that wasn’t taught to you in your formal public school education, but nigga calm that shit down.  I don’t need an angry knee grow running up on me, whether in real life or on social media, to tell me some shit I’ve already learned just because it’s brand new to you and you are on your “fight the power” shit today.  Seriously, these niggas go from being the most educated knee grows in the world on the subjects of identifying real vs. fake Gucci belts & creating bastard babies to becoming (in their minds) a quasi-African history teacher by just reading one damn book by a black author.

I guess in a way I should be proud of these new knowledge knee grows expressing their desires to educate the world on their new knowledge that has caused a great awakening in their psyche, but don’t interrupt my precious time with my barber to tell me some shit about Columbus ever again.

Your favorite mulatto.