FBI Declares War Against Black People for Being Pro-Black

On August 3, 2017, the FBI released a report titled Black Identity Extremists Likely Motivated to Target Law Enforcement Officers.  You can view the report right HERE.  To sum this report up for the sake of this blog article, this report explicitly states that if you are a black person who identifies as pro-black or you align your views with that of pro-black websites & social media content that discusses topics such as white supremacy, racism, police brutality & systemic oppression, effectively you are deemed a threat to US law enforcement.  The FBI came to this conclusion based off of 6 incidents over the last 3 years of black people who have attacked and/or killed police officers on account of these black people being outraged over the violence from police onto black citizens.  Further they base their findings off of their admission to watching black people’s social media accounts to see if their social media activity reflects anything projecting black empowerment or dismantling white supremacy.

I’ve discussed this before on this website in the past of how society is trying to criminalize black thoughts and now, the FBI has provided proof labeling black people as threats to law enforcement.  The FBI did everything except for outright use the word terrorist in reference to black people who communicate their disdain for the treatment of black people in America.

You’ve been warned.

I go over the entire report below.

Your favorite mulatto.

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