BLE 93: Broke Men Have No Right to Have Sex


Talking about how men need to get their money up in order to take care of a woman with or without kids or just to have sex with them.

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Joshua Young


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Your favorite mulatto.

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  1. H.T. Smith

    October 10, 2017 at 5:44 am

    I’m not worried about getting ran upon because it’s like they wouldn’t find me anyways. Also, to answer why it seems like broke dudes get the most sex: more often than if this is happening post 23 years old, the answer is that likely the broke dude has finesse or likely all the chicks who were bad back in high school fell the eff off. Think Lela rochon now compared to her in waiting to exhale. Also, all the nerdy dudes either hopped on the moist train or are dating only white chicks.

    Sn: when I called Williams “wife” a hooker, I wasn’t lying. She is an admitted full time escort and has admitted she does sex work. Also, William raises HER kids while she goes to “work”

    Also, eddie, since you asked what hanging with cosplayers is like, I have a short story: back in 2014, I went as press to a local anime convention in Lansing called shuto con. I met a cosplayers there thats actually in the pic i used for the “days of weeaboo past” (the lightskinned one in the red sweater) article. To sum it up, I made her laugh, played a game that was basically us reading a doujin (think porn comic book) out loud and acting out a sex scene. I got her number, but then a male cosplayers I know rolled up on me to claim her and a few of his boys tried to jump me and a nearby restaurant (in costume I might add) but I had a decent knuckle game, so the dudes dressed like gundam characters got this work. But she didn’t claim neither of us and I got head from chubby white girl dressed as sailor moon and enjoyed the convention. Best part was when the rave happened and the black cosplayers girls had a twerk contest to DJ assaults’ “Ass n titties”

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