White Americans are Just an Absolute Embarrassment to the Human Species

I saw a post on the Facebook fan page for WXYZ-TV Channel 7 where the fan page posted a link informing its fans about how they could donate to the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) to help students who attend Historically Black Colleges/Universities (HBCU) who may have been affected by the recent hurricanes.  And without missing a beat, white America showed up to reveal nothing but pure ignorance in the comment section.


*Side note*  They’re not donating shit to a college fund for anybody regardless of race any damn way.

I don’t really feel a need to educate white people on exactly what UNCF or an HBCU is.  Why?  There’s no point.  Everyday countless black people find themselves in online debates with countless white people educating these dumbasses on the same shit that these white people already know.  These white people just choose to pretend to be ignorant just to rile up black people and still, black people have yet to figure this out.  White people aren’t dumb.  They could easily pull up any bit of information they wanted on their smartphone to find out exactly the history & mission of UNCF & HBCUs.  Once they do, they’ll quickly discover that UNCF and HBCUs are NOT exclusive to only black people.  As a matter of fact, there isn’t a damn thing in this country that is 100% exclusive to black people.  Not one thing at all.

But that’s not the issue here with me.

The issue is how willfully dumb white people choose to be online.  These people go out of their way to display the most vile forms of racism & stupidity and then have the nerve to try to flip shit back onto them to play the victim.  It doesn’t matter what the scenario is, white people long to be a victim so they can attempt to remove the foul stench of racism that reeks from their pores uncontrollably.  Last year I had a contributor for my website write a piece titled “Yes, All White People Raised in America are Racist.”  Initially, I didn’t really agree with the piece because I was on some “not all white people” type of shit on account for the white people I actually know in real life (& her, since the writer of that piece just happens to be white her damn self).  But as time progressed, I see exactly where she is coming from with her assessment.  White racism is engrained in white people’s DNA to where it just functions like an uncontrollable natural instinct for them whenever they see something that even vaguely appears to go against the benefit of white people.  White people can’t help it.  It’s who they are.  It’s who they were born to be.  For a white person to deprogram themselves and rid their body of this pure evil, it would require an act of exorcism.  But we all know that’s not about to happen with the vast majority of them.  White people love racism.  It’s how they maintain their identity because quite frankly, there really isn’t anything else to celebrate about being white that doesn’t have racism thrown in the mix.  Seriously, can you think of anything in American history that white people are celebrated for that DOESN’T have an element of racism thrown in the mix?  Anything?  I doubt you can.  So when it comes to comments like this on Facebook towards the UNCF or HBCUs, should black people be shocked anymore that white people would react this way?  This is who these people are.  They can’t help it or control it, nor do they even want to.  It’s what makes them “unique” because white Americans have nothing else to stand on to celebrate outside of racism.  Nothing.

Your favorite mulatto.


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