Cam Newton Should Just Grab Some P*ssy Next Time Instead of Saying “Female”

Cam Newton apparently has been dropped by yogurt company Dannon for saying the word “female” to an actual….wait for it….female (my bad, woman) during a press conference.  But it wasn’t just any ole “female”, it was a “female” who apparently has a Twitter history of making & supporting racist comments.

Gotta love this good ole white supremacy ehhh…

The same white supremacy that will elect a man to be the President of the United States after telling people he just grabs women by the pussy.  White America’s hypocrisy is beyond ridiculous these days.  But then again, are black people really surprised?  Further are black people equally surprised at how so many black male feminists are helping to champion the public whippings of Cam Newton for saying the word “female”?

You can’t win shit for being a black male these days.  White people hate you, black women & black male feminists despise you…it’s a cold world out these streets for black men.

But in the end, what can you do?  Sure we can run down the list of “black empowerment to-do’s” but….you already know this stuff by now (or should).  I guess the only thing left to do is follow the lead of Tariq Nasheed by protesting companies who apparently take issue with a black professional football player using the word “female” because here in America, it is simply reprehensible to refer to women as “females”…but you can grab some pussy with no problems.

Your favorite mulatto.
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