Black Men, Stop Arguing With Black Women. Go Get a Becky & Make Your Life Easier.

I read an article today on some website whose primary target audience appears to be a bunch of sad black women looking for someone to coddle their feels and this particular article I read was titled “Because ‘Harrasser’ Is Just Not Enough:  Why I Consider Calling Black Men Terrorists“.  In a nutshell, the author wrote an entire piece trying to equate so-called street harassment as the American black man’s form of terrorism.  I swear, black women are just becoming more laughable & pathetic with each blog post they write these days.  Side note:  to the author of that article, HARRASSER is actually spelled HARASSER…just thought I’d point that out to satisfy the terroristic grammar Nazi residing inside of me.

Anyways, I’m not about to waste my time breaking down this article line by line, but just understand that this black woman literally penned a piece because some random dude told her that a dress she was about to buy from a street vendor was a cheap product.  Like, I’m being dead ass B, go read this foolishness for yourself.

What I want to discuss is this…

Black men, stop wasting your time trying to defend black manhood in order to appease black women.  Stop arguing all in the comments on social media with black women and their moisture mafia male partners who do everything they can to try to suck up to black women but still can’t get the pussy from them.  Just stop.  If black women are dead set on believing that black men are the worst thing in the world for black women, then let them believe that shit.  Let all of these highly “educated”, can’t keep a man for shit, can’t cook, can’t fuck or don’t know how to do basic womanly shit to please a man type of women go on about their business of crying endless rivers of “black girls rock” tears online about how evil black men are.  Why argue this shit with them anymore.  Why keep getting into debates with these women when they purposely roll out the blankets to label ALL black men as ain’t shit then got the nerve to try to clown you for saying “not all black men”.  Why subject yourselves to this abuse day in and day out?  Why?  Why keep arguing with black women online especially if you’re not fucking any of these chicks?  Why keep arguing with black women on Twitter & Facebook because she doesn’t want to own up to the fucked up decision she made in her past about dealing with a bummy dusty ass nigga, so now she thinks ALL black men are just a bunch of ain’t shit terroristic niggas?  Why continue to fight these battles with them when it’s just so much easier to walk away and go get a Becky, a Chung-Li, or Ana Maria?  Why deal with Keisha & Bonkwikwi’s foolishness when you don’t have to?  I mean seriously, you actually do not have to deal with this shit.

“B-b-but aren’t you married to a black woman?!”

Why yes I am.  I’ve been married to my wife for almost 12 years now.  We got 2 boys and we’re doing the happily ever-after married thing to the best of our abilities.  Now, if for some reason my wife & I were to ever divorce, I honestly can’t sit here & say that I would be dating black women again.  It would have to be one down ass mentally strong black woman who isn’t influenced by the forever bitching & crying of countless black women on social media for me to consider dating.  And truth be told, that’s the problem now.  Social media.  Social media has turned into this gigantic echo chamber where black women who have dealt with shitty ass dudes in their past run to compare notes.  Once they all realize they all got fucked over by a Ray Ray in their past who ain’t shit and won’t be shit, they all get together in unison to scream as loud as they can that black men ain’t shit.  Then 2 things happen:  a bunch of lame ass niggas who were never popular with the ladies create social media accounts and start cosigning the shit out each & every last thing a black woman says so they can do their damndest to avoid being tossed in the “ain’t shit nigga” category under the illusion that they will eventually be able to get some pussy.  The other thing that happens is, a bunch of niggas get online to argue day in & day out to prove why they shouldn’t be viewed as “ain’t shit” on account of a few dusty niggas.  Who honestly has that kind of time & energy to devote to such a pointless battle that will not be won so as long as Felicia is still in her feels because her baby daddy named Dusty Darryl got another chick in her apartment complex pregnant?  Nigga you could be at the gym exchanging numbers with Sarah who faithfully puts in work to make sure her yoga pants fit like they are supposed to.

Once again, my solution is for black men to just stop arguing with black women over their views on what they believe black men are.  Go get you white chick, teach her about the wonders of seasoning some chicken and you’ll be good to go.  If they start calling you a coon, a sellout, a cave beast lover…who gives a shit at the end of the day.  What’s more important to you?  Arguing with black women online every damn day that tell you that you ain’t shit, you will never be shit & now you’re a terrorist to black women?  Or finding you a non-black woman who will respect you (so as long as you’re doing shit that is worthy of respect) to where you can experience some semblance of happiness?  You don’t need a black woman to keep it “bliggidty black-black”.  Nigga you can go get you a Rubia Garcia type of chick who apparently loves the shit out of black people.  You don’t need Tawanna to speak that pro-black shit in your ear, Rubia Garcia got bars too.

But anyways, all you single black men who continually allow yourselves to get beat down on the internet in regards to arguing about whether or not you are an “ain’t shit nigga” (& now you are a terrorist to black women)…show them just how much of an “ain’t shit nigga” you can be by getting you a blonde hair blue eyed thang.  She might can possibly help you get access to resources that Tasha didn’t even know existed.

PS:  Do it for the mulatto babies out there.  The world needs more mulatto babies like me with good hair.

Your favorite mulatto.
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