Black Nerds Need Their Own Dr. NerdLove

By:  H.T., Podcast: Kuroi And Youth

So, seeing I’ve admitted I was wrong to not only say that blerd men should exclusively date outside their race, but also not change themselves for the better to attract women, I ask and attempt to answer the question:  so what’s the alternative?  Well, consider the fact that the typical channels for black nerd men to learn how to navigate love and interactions with the opposite sex really are not built for them.  At all.

The typical black nerd has to rely on the typical PUA, conscious or hotep blogger that pushes black men to use the usual “game” to get over on women.  The problem with “game” is that when you listen to it, it really does sound like at best manipulation and at its worst sending men to play emotional chess with women who clearly show signs they are emotionally unavailable.  Teaching boys to pursue women who are not available emotionally sounded cool when we were kids, but as adults you are clearly setting men up for failure for “clout”.

The hoteps and conscious gurus fail as they use false Afrocentrism to teach black male nerds pride, yes in their culture, but it’s done via lies, half truth and worse of all, alienating black nerds further from black women by teaching them to hold women by unrealistic standards that makes them out to be less as strong black men and more as the young version of crotchety old men.  The hoteps fail by outright telling men to demand nothing less than perfection of women and the conscious community fails by maintaining the narrative that black women choose thugs over good black men.  So it really is the blind leading the blind.

So what’s the alternative?  Enter Harris O’Malley AKA Doctor NerdLove.  O’Malley is a former PUA turned legitimate love guru aimed at finding nerds love.  And it’s worked.  People complain that Harris has a bit of a “SJW” bias, but these commentators tend to be either single or were lucky and found someone equally as regressive as them.  I bet if you asked his fan base, he seriously helped people legit get closer or helped them find love with his advice.  One thing I notice about a great deal of pickup artists is that rarely if ever are these men ever in actual relationships.  Unlike O’Malley.

This is why I say black nerds need their own Doctor Nerdlove.  Blerd men and women alike have issues that even Harris admits he can’t always speak to as he’s a white guy.  One of the questions that might get raised is, “Should it be a man or a woman?”  On this one, it really doesn’t matter in the big picture on the surface.  I argue a man on the grounds that blerd men are in need of far dire help that I think a man-to-man commentary would fix.

Blerd men have issues with blerd women because we’ve been sold the idea the “SJWs” are going to ruin the fun by wanting things less sexist or misogynistic.  This I believe is because nerd culture, particularly the kind that blerd men take part in, is so centered around the male power fantasy of being dominant over women in some way.  But to believe siding with the people trying to drive out the influence of social progress via women will preserve things is exactly why many blerd men fail dating wise.

We need a Doctor NerdLove in the blerd community because there really isn’t anything much more humiliating than watching good-hearted but otherwise entitled and kind of bummy dressed guys taking dating advice from some wannabe pimp with a keyboard.  If nothing is done, I would not be shocked to see a much more fractured community amongst blerds, not unlike now.

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