Black People Will Own a $1000 iPhone X before They Ever Own a $500 Pair of BBB Shoes

To the American Knee Grow Delegation hailing from the land of Blackistan who have been online trying to shame black people for showing interest in the new iPhone X despite its $1000 price tag over that of some $500 Big Baller Brand shoes, you knee grows need to just shut up already.

Here’s the thing:  how many of these knee grows running around saying that black people will buy a $1000 phone over a pair of $500 Big Baller Brand shoes have actually themselves gone out to buy a pair of Lonzo Ball’s $500 shoes?  I’m going to go ahead and guess that it ain’t too many of them to consider factoring into any real discussion pertaining to blackedty-black knee grows buying $500 Lonzo Ball shoes.  The likely reality that will probably ring true in the coming months is, these same knee grows will more than likely own an iPhone X before they ever own a pair of $500 Big Baller Brand shoes.  That’s just facts.

I don’t care how pro-black a knee grow positions himself to sound on social media in an effort to shame the likes of other knee grows who show interest in products created by non-black people, these same loud mouth blackedty-black knee grows know full damn well that they will not be supporting a $500 shoe from a company hardly anybody is supporting.  Hell, every time you see one of the Ball kids, 9 times out of 10 they got on a pair of Jordans…so what does that tell you?

But overall, super pro-black blacktivists from Blackistan are full of shit like usual.  These niggas themselves can’t even afford to support Big Baller Brand but I guarantee they’ll find a way to financially support getting an iPhone X long before they ever consider being caught walking down the street in a pair of $500 “what are those”.

Your favorite mulatto.
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