A Few Things to Consider About the New iPhone X

By:  H.T., Podcast: Kuroi And Youth

But the face unlock is going to work better than the Samsung!

Look, no piece of tech is perfect.  But the fact is that face recognition technology doesn’t always work like the movies.  Also, what is on your phone that you need it locked to the point only your face will unlock it?  More than likely, this is more fodder for your stupid “when your girl is trying to break into your phone” memes because apparently, this generation needs better security on their phones to cheat in peace.  Yes, this generation needs to keep their side piece under cloak and dagger to the point that now people will pay custom assault rifle prices for a phone with technology usually only seen in spy movies.  Jesus christ, we need help as a society.  

Apple is in the pocket of the feds!

I hate to break it to you all, but the kind of evidence that a phone holds that the feds need is a big fucking deal.  Fact is, you all assume this is just so the cops can bust you on a cheap drug possession charge, when the reality is that the cops need your phone to potentially stop murders or terrorism.  But yes, let’s stick to that paranoid chestnut of this turning to tyranny when Snowden already proved no one’s really protected from the government’s reach.

The iPhone X is worth the $1000 dollars they’re charging!

How?  At this point, you are now walking around with a month’s paycheck in your pocket.  At this point, you are literally close to paying car note prices for a PHONE.  For the price they’re charging, fact is, they can only charge more for less.  At this point, I’m really not sure what more they can offer in a phone that is needed, or can be used as leverage to charge more.  What more do any of you truly need?  I ask with a straight face, what?

But it’s better than Android!

No, iOS just has a superiority complex.  Face it, the main reason people stick with iOS is to not get shamed by their other iPhone using friends for having green bubbles in texts.  As if that fucking matters.  Fact is, there’s really nothing left that an iPhone can do that you can likely do on an Android phone.  For as much as people can and will give it shit that they’re not using iOS tech, the fact is iOS is really only better for media creation, beyond that, you’re just trying to be trendy.

But it’s more secure!

Ask John Pennymon why that’s bullshit.  I’ll give you a hint:  the fappening happened BECAUSE of how secure iPhones are.  Fact is, nothing is without vulnerabilities, you just have to find them.

So black people will pay $1000 for a phone but not pay $500 for Lavar Balls shoes?  This is why we’ll never be free.

Ok, Jason Black, we don’t care.  Mainly because this argument gets used often to defend why black people don’t support black people selling inferior products.  This being one of them.  The reason we don’t want BBB isn’t because they’re expensive, it’s because they’re ugly AND expensive.  Seriously, stop trying to get black people to spend money on other black people who aren’t offering a better alternative other than being black.  Guilt is not a good business plan.

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