Super Pro-Black Men are the White People of Black People

By:  H.T., Podcast: Kuroi And Youth

For as much as I argue with the shea butter types on social media and across, I feel as though I’ve reached a point where I can in fact come to a point of agreement with them on one thing as it relates to my gender.  See, many women like this often say that black men’s masculine identity is tied exclusively to women, namely how they control women and how sexually viable they are to them.  This is all the more true when you consider this about pro-black men.  The reason I know these kinds of men are so stuck on their need to make their identity about sex is that I know even as I write this, these men will likely call me a simp and say that I’m just some dude who gets no pussy.  This goes to why I feel as though your run of the mill pro-black podcaster, blogger & vlogger has such a limited reach beyond like minded people like him as fact is, ONLY people who think like them would entertain such nonsense.

See, I realized this when the main argument that many pro-black men have against Black Lives Matter as an organization is that it’s pro-single parent households, or to be more exact, they are more pro-families of black men that display alternative forms of masculinity.  Femmes if you will.  To the pro-black man who’s been told his whole life to make himself into a leader that has black women falling all over him, gay black men just being present are made out to be a threat and almost predatory in nature as these men still pass around biased stories of gay black men pursuing straight black men and children, keeping the narrative that gay men are just pedophiles with a different name going.  Never mind that as I said before that these kinds of men really have a burning desire to set up a country where they’re in charge and play by their rules unquestioned.  It’s why they look up to men like Dr. York who will spend the rest of his life in prison for child molestation amongst his cult.

Along with attacking black men who don’t display the kinds of masculinity they seek in themselves, they attack black people who show solidarity with other non-black people of color.  They claim that these people did nothing for us and remind us that these people were racist too.  But pro-blacks aren’t really concerned with not cutting ties with people who are racist to black people.  They still buy Jordans, they likely still watch the NFL, and I bet you more than anything that they still lust after the women who are from the races that they said are racist to black people, ESPECIALLY white women.

The pro-blacks with their vocal brand of militancy hate black people like me not because of my sexuality or my voting habits, they hate black men like me because we aren’t up to their standards of black masculinity simply on the grounds that women aren’t drawn to us and we can’t be sex symbols.  And this goes to why I say these men are the white people of black people.  These kinds of men, for all they claim women to be shallow, place so much expectation of desire from the world.  These men believe that because they’ve gotten by off being the forbidden fruit of American sexuality, they are automatically the most qualified to lead the revolution.  Yes, it’s bad that black men are being killed by the police, but when you stop and realize how much has been done to make this issue a front page story, you can’t sit here and say that a gay black man or a black woman could contribute nothing to the progress of black progression.

Black men on the whole are conditioned in society to base our worth off our appeal to women.  As Asher Primus has said on here in many ways, black men view the black men who pursue things that aren’t framed by society as attractive to women from the jump as weaker than, ironically these kinds of men are viewed as weak and as simps for pursuing viable careers and lifestyles that would be favorable to a woman as black men are taught that our status as a potential casanova outweighs what good we do for other black people, and this I believe is why black people in social justice circles are at an impasse.

The kinds of pro-black men I speak of often defend their stances on women as they’ve been intimate with many, so therefore they know better.  What’s more, they say that the shea butter types are hypocrites because many of them are with white men and call them “negro bed wenches” but I NEVER stop seeing these men with non-black or just racially ambiguous women themselves.  I bring this up because if these men can date, marry and have kids by women who aren’t black or aren’t entirely black, why are black women catching shit for doing the same thing?  Is it because these men, again, subscribe to the American slave narrative that black men with white women is more revolutionary than the black woman who was just there to fulfill their master’s fetish?  What if this was a fetish for both white people in this?  Did it ever occur to the black man that the reason he was in such danger over the white women they laid with was because the white slave master viewed the white vagina as a commodity not unlike the slave he was?  No because the black man was brutally murdered while their mothers, sisters and aunts were brutalized sexually by their master, they had it worse because it’s them.

This leads to why the issue of police brutality has gotten nowhere.  The super pro-black man doesn’t like Black Lives Matter despite it fighting for them because it doesn’t welcome them.  But have they ever questioned why they aren’t welcomed?  It’s because these egotistical men want to lead but not do the heavy lifting.  They want to be on TV, they want the followers, they want to be in the history books, they want all the praise simply because they don’t like who’s leading.

The reason straight black men aren’t the face of the movement is that one hasn’t shown up that won’t embarrass them the way Tariq did debating Tucker Carlson.  Fact is, for every shortcoming you can find with the people leading black people in a march for their rights, twice as many can be found with someone who claims to be doing the same as them but complains that straight black men are alienated.  Perhaps, maybe, the reason these kinds of men are alienated is that they don’t listen beyond like minded voices.  Anything that encroaches on their masculinity or how they relate to women is blocked out and labeled as the talk of agents.  This I believe is why they are alienated.

I say they are the white people of black people because in the mind of the super pro-black, the identity of black men as given by white men must be preserved at all costs.  This is why the idea of black nationalism, the ideas on black women and homosexuality in pro-black circles stay as they are:  regressive, exclusionary and above all putting the standard of masculinity set by straight white men at the top.  This, in the end saves no one but these men’s egos.

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