All Black People are Coons

The first time I can recall hearing the word coon, I must have been around the age of 5 or 6.  My granddad used the word once to describe another black person he apparently didn’t like.  I had no idea what the hell the word meant at that age and so I didn’t even bother to ask him.  After that, I honestly can’t recall any other time I heard the word till about 30 years later thanks to social media injecting it into the American Knee Grow lexicon.  When I first heard the word resurface, it mainly came from some of your popular pro-black social media personalities using it to basically describe a black person who was essentially doing his/her part to uphold the system of white supremacy by any means necessary either for fame, money, a pat on the head, or all three.  Some of the most “revered” coons who fit this definition are people like Jesse Lee Peterson, Staci Dash, Sheriff David Clarke, & the more recent inductee into the Coon Hall of Fame…Jason Whitlock.  Regardless of these people’s beliefs, these are the type of people who will literally say any & everything whenever a camera is pointed in their face or if they have access to social media to purposely shit on black people by hanging on to every stereotype in order to make white people smile.  That’s it.  That’s really what being a coon boils down to…or should.

Lately, I’m not so sure what a coon is anymore.  Sure, we all can just repeat everything I just typed in the above paragraph to highlight the characteristics of a coon, but truthfully, that shit isn’t applicable.  The reason why that definition is not applicable is simply because black people have devolved the term coon into a word people just toss out all willy nilly if another black person does not agree with them.  That’s it.  Two niggas could be arguing over whether one likes wheat bread or white bread and if those two can’t agree on a preferred bread, the first nigga to say, “You’re a coon!” wins.  It’s really that simple.  That’s it.  Seriously.  That’s it.  There is no rhyme or reason with that phrase anymore and it’s gotten to the point where the word coon really doesn’t even bother black people.  Take me for instance, I’ve spent almost 4 years on this site talking about pro-black shit and niggas still call me a coon every now & then.  Why?  Because I don’t talk about pro-black shit in the exact manner they want me to.  I not a fan of marching and protesting, I prefer putting money to work to create solutions.  Yet the marching & protesting niggas will call me a coon because I see no point in marching around in circles to bring attention to shit the whole world has been aware of for at least the last 50 years or so.  I’m a mulatto who has no problems at all with interracial relationships (because I’m the product of one of course), yet the super pro-black niggas of Blackistan would call me a coon because I don’t see a problem with swirling.  I think Tariq Nasheed & Tommy Sotomayor are both a bunch of entertaining idiots, yet team Tariq will label me a coon for watching Tommy even though these niggas say damn near identical shit about black women.  I don’t have an issue with Kid from Kid ‘n Play dressing up as Colin Kaepernick to poke fun at Kap despite it being done on Jason Whitlock’s show because in my opinion, no celebrity is above being made fun of…but I would be called a coon, despite years of written & recorded material proving otherwise.  So, people who call me a coon don’t even phase me.  It’s not about to stop what I do on this website or what I do with my life outside of this website.  Why?  Because niggas have no power do anything other than type the word coon on social media.  That’s it.

But anyways, the point is, black people use and abuse the word coon so much that that word has been rendered rather pointless these days.  Knee grows who get labeled a coon don’t even care because it’s not like black people are hurting their pockets.  That’s just real talk.  Black people abuse the word coon so damn much that the niggas running wild abusing the term honestly believe in their hearts that they are somehow immune from being labeled a coon.  These niggas honestly believe that they are living their lives within 100% compliance of the Blackistan rules for how to be an American Knee Grow.  I see niggas all online calling black people coons left & right for not trying to pursue so-called “honorable” black women, yet these same niggas got 1 or 2 miscellaneous kids they haven’t seen in about 5 months.  I see a bunch of reformed pro-black women who were chasing white dick galore once upon a time and now they are the most pro-black chicks on the internet who hate white people with a passion.  I see a bunch of niggas talking this black economic empowerment shit all day long, yet these same niggas can’t figure out to get a real bill in their name outside of a cell phone bill or child support payments.  I see niggas all on social media professing their undying love for the black woman, yet these niggas are in their mid 30’s heading into their 40s and haven’t put a ring on one black woman’s finger yet.

I see all types of bullshit from black people that could have any one of you niggas labeled a coon if another nigga disagrees with any decision you’ve made that doesn’t 100% align with his.  You got a 9 to 5 instead of owning a business…you’s a coon.  You prefer Mac over a PC…you’s a coon.  You prefer Game of Thrones over Power…you’s a coon.  You prefer Android of the iPhone, you’s a coon.  You prefer this over that…you’s a coon.  All black people in America are coons.  Sure some of you knee grows may convince yourselves that being a coon means you are upholding the system of white supremacy & since you claim online to not do that, you’re somehow not a coon.  But you know what…you’re still a coon.  You’re still a coon because it’s 40 something million other coon ass niggas running around this country who don’t like the shit you are doing in the exact manner they prefer, so nigga…you’s a coon and white supremacy doesn’t have a damn thing to do with how the word coon is being used these days.  Not one bit you coon ass nigga.

Your favorite mulatto.

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