The Utah Nurse Deserved to be Arrested for Disrespecting a Police Officer

A woman by the name of Alex Wubbels went viral recently due to her being arrested on July 26, 2017 for refusing to draw a blood sample for an unconscious victim in order to turn over to a police officer named Det. Jeff Payne.  Immediately following this video going viral, white America & a few of their pet knee grows immediately shouted to the top of their lungs that the police were wrong for arresting this woman who was simply following hospital procedures.  I’m here to say that every white American and pet knee grown who believes this cop was wrong is unAmerican & unpatriotic because we live in a country where our boys in blue are supposed to be respected & listened to at all times no matter what the situation may be.  There is no greater honor than being a member of the American police force.  Every chance Americans get, we ought to be outright praising and damn near worshipping the grounds these brave men & women walk because they constantly put their lives on the line to ensure that each & every single one us can lead a happy & healthy life.

Det. Jeff Payne should be viewed as a hero & Alex Wubbels should be viewed as the disrespectful thug that she is and here’s why…

First of all, the brave and courageous Det. Jeff Payne politely asked Alex Wubbels to draw a sample of blood from this victim so that I’m assuming he could get the blood tested to see if the victim had any alcohol or drugs in his/her system because apparently that victim had been involved in some type of horrible car accident.  Alex Wubbels vehemently refused to follow Det. Jeff Payne’s reasonable, yet polite request therefore preventing this honorable man from doing the job he so bravely swore to uphold.  Next Alex Wubbels decided to become a smart aleck by calling up one of her “homies” posing as her boss to put him on speaker phone so that he could pop off at the mouth and get smart with this brave respectful officer who was simply trying to do his job.  This “homie” posing as her boss started making up a bunch of lies to cover for the disrespectful actions of Alex Wubbels in order to prevent Det. Jeff Payne from respectfully doing his job.  The level of disrespect was just totally uncalled for.  Our police officers should never be treated like this.  Next Alex Wubbels proceeded to wave her phone in Det. Jeff Payne’s face which caused Det. Jeff Payne to view that phone as a direct threat towards his life which caused Det. Jeff Payne to act bravely in trying to quickly apprehend Alex Wubbels because Det. Jeff Payne immediately recognized the danger to himself and other people standing in the immediate vicinity.  Alex Wubbels could have threw her cell phone directly at Det. Jeff Payne’s head potentially causing serious bodily injury in addition, Alex Wubbels could have grabbed a random syringe and began stabbing Det. Jeff Payne potentially causing him further bodily harm.  Det. Jeff Payne was literally in a situation surrounded by so many deadly weapons that he had no choice but to swiftly apprehend Alex Wubbels because at the end of the day, Det. Jeff Payne is just trying to go home to his family.  Next, upon apprehending Alex Wubbels, Alex proceeds to resist arrest and start acting erratic leading me to believe this woman is possibly drug abuser because no sane person in America would act in such a crazy way when a friendly officer of the law such as Det. Jeff Payne feels you need to be arrested.  The woman has to be on something, there is no other justifiable excuse to explain her erratic behavior.  Next Alex Wubbels proceeds to let out a loud screeching scream which could have potentially caused hearing loss for the extremely brave Det. Jeff Payne.  This woman literally tried to weaponize her voice against this honorable police officer as he was doing his sworn duty of protecting the public from erratic uncontrollable white women like her.  I for the life of me cannot even begin to imagine the fear Det. Jeff Payne must have experienced that day.  My goodness, he’s such a brave soul.

Fast forward a few hours later, Alex Wubbels was released without charges and now the police department’s internal affairs department has launched an investigation into the incident while placing brave Det. Jeff Payne on full administrative leave.  This is such a shame and a travesty to do this to such an upstanding officer of the law.  What is this country coming to these days?  Americans should be praising the selfless heroic actions of Det. Jeff Payne who literally put himself in harm’s way in a room full of sharp instruments in addition to a weaponized scream in order to protect the public from a disrespectful erratic white woman who had absolutely no respect for the law whatsoever.  Where is President Trump when we need him?  Where is Sheriff David Clarke?  Fox News?  How dare we let the media drag this honorable police officer’s name through the mud over a white woman who just happens to be a nurse!  Where’s the outrage!!!  What happened to #BlueLivesMatter?!

If Alex Wubbels was black, this is pretty much how the story would go.

Your favorite mulatto.


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