The Hypocritical Classism of Woke Millennials

By:  H.T., Podcast: Kuroi And Youth

One thing that often gets me called me an Uncle Tom is the idea that I don’t support protesting.  It’s not that I don’t support protesting, it’s that I don’t support ONLY protesting.  In the end, protests are good for bringing awareness and showing the other side you won’t be silenced, but to outright believe that protests alone will solve these problems is foolish to say the least.

When I argue with people about this, I state that maybe the best option is for these people to focus on their careers than on this idea of revolution.  They state that all of them have have good jobs, either military or corporate jobs that pay well.  And I am proud of them.  But there is something to consider.

I got into an argument with a porn star named Nina Kayy who is known around black Twitter as the white girl porn star that tries to stick up for black women.  She does this, but at the expense of otherwise rational people being harassed and labeled problematic in the ever going argument that men are trash.  When it comes to Nina Kayy, I got blocked for bringing up the simple but true point that she works in an industry that exists BECAUSE of men being “trash”.  Fact is, in porn, the more taboo the genre of porn, there is more of a demand for it, and thus the pay scale for it is higher.  Hell, the fact that racism plays a big part in porn is why she gets the kind of money she gets for interracial scenes.  So it’s safe to say she benefits from deplorable people while railing against them.

This goes to my issue with a lot of so called “woke” black people.  They work good jobs that compensate them well BECAUSE they in someway contribute to the injustice of America, yet they say nothing about that as they march down the street risking it all.  That’s when it becomes clear why they do this.

Rather than set up committees or lobbyists or even just talking with say, a police union or a commissioner about how to fix the police, they march up and down the street, they sell products that change nothing, they post on social media because deep down they know they can’t fix the machine without losing the life it gives them.  The soldier won’t speak out against the military selling surplus to the police and the corporate worker won’t speak out publicly about how their company makes a killing disenfranchising people.

They don’t because millennials tend to be a naively altruistic generation that doesn’t realize that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.  My generation believes that we can fight the power while collecting a check from it.  But what happens when the people signing your checks are the foremost ones cracking down on you?  What happens when your rants on social media about the injustice of America puts you on the wrong side of HR?

My generation is one that has many people who grew up with inflated egos and adults that refused to keep kids grounded and this is what we’ve gotten.  But people will say, “So the white woman can walk into corporate America and demand changes but I can’t?”  Well, keep in mind that your demands aren’t like hers.  The white woman will be happy with just HR doing its job and meritocracy actually happening.  The “woke” black millennial demands their company fix the lack of diversity as though every black person who applied is automatically qualified.  Combine this with the usual demands of fighting “misogynoir” and eventually this is why a lot of demands are just swept off and black people just shut up and work.

The protests are the last bastion of the woke millennial that refuses to just grow up and realize that only so much can be done.  Fact is, the promise land is very likely black people finding success and actually integrated into society.  Fact is, using the same tired slogans from the 60s is no more revolutionary than a stuffed animal.

Cut your hair, put on a tie, work your job and grow the fuck up.

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