Paris Jackson, Here is How You Can Resist White Supremacy

By:  Asher Primus

This past Sunday the VMAs aired and like most award shows, celebrities want to make lasting impressions to circulate media buzz.

Paris Jackson, the supposed daughter of the late Michael Jackson, made a speech calling for the cease of racial violence and the need for denouncing racist organizations, like “Nazi white supremacist jerks” and “We must resist.”

She does have a point, “We must resist,” and by “we”, I mean her and other white men minus myself and other black people.

For starters, this is not black people’s fight.  These hate groups are purposely dodging urban areas.  They are looking for soft targets where their own opposition are white women.

These women are the perfect weapon against white supremacy because they are the birthers and caregivers of the very men who are patriarchal, racist, capitalist and other anti-white male labels.  White women must boycott white men regardless of their stance on being liberal, neutral or far-right.  Granted, this sexual boycott is not going to fix everything, but I call for it because white men have already exposed their fear.  Try thinking of this movement as the white version of Spike Lee’s Chiraq rather than women protesting black-on-black crime, white women should create a movement to use their own sexuality as a symbol for liberation.

“White Genocide” is their apocalyptic world where they are the minority.  They hate seeing a black actor get a led role in a white film or even a racially swapped character.  They cry over affirmative action and huge pushes for diversity.  White men realize the world will not be as white as they want it to be and they are almost powerless to do anything about it.

White men panic as their god complex is shattered by the sight of a black man with a white woman.  As much as I hated the movie Detroit, it touches upon the white man’s sexual frustration as the two white officers could not understand how white women could have sex with black men though consent.  The whitesplainin’ answers were that he had to have drugged them or that he found the lowest of low white women and turned them into tricks.

In my opinion, white women are not allies, rather opportunist who want to adjust their position in white supremacy.  Yet, this opens a door for black people to encourage civil unrest among white people.  Let them have their own gender wars.

White MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) is a perfect example of a liberal victory, these white men will realize that not even their own women will tolerate racist or misogynist rhetoric.  Even for a small internet movement, the white man losing the contest in swag entertains me as they have lost interest in dating, sex, having children or women in general.  Black men need to leave MGTOW alone.  These men are not single because they are smarter than the average.  No, they are single because they are narcissists with the most unattractive personality.

These men will shame themselves or fall for their own delusions.  They will explain why marriage is for simps and how paying for dates makes men look weak.  If the sexual frustration of white men grew in numbers then they can only blame themselves for their downfall.  White genocide will be their faults, not blacks.  It is either evolve with the rise of racial diversity from immigration and increasing minority birth rates or they can lay in the dirt with their rusty Confederate statues.

As a disclaimer, I am not asking white women to manipulate my strategy to get with black men out spite.  Granted, I am aware of interracial unions between black men and white women, but I am calling to action white women to boycott the white men whom they date in majority.  This is also a perfect opportunity to see white women wear the badge of being Miss Strong & Independent as they can use feminism for themselves only.  White women prove to the white men that feminism works, even though I have not faith in that, at least capitalize on this moment outside of the internet.

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