Dr. Boyce Watkins Says Watching a Mayweather Fight Will Cause Black Society to be Left Behind


Today while cruising down my Twitter timeline, I came across a tweet by Dr. Boyce Watkins stating, “As long as there are more black people watching Mayweather fights than Farrakhan speeches, we will always be left behind.”  For those of you who don’t know who Dr. Boyce Watkins is, he’s a rather popular black thought leader on social media who relentlessly preaches the importance of black people becoming financially literate in order to effectively compete for survival in a world dominated by white supremacy.  For the most part, I agree with probably everything he says in regards to becoming financially literate.  The other stuff he preaches (like in regards to the above screenshot), I normally toss in the trash can because quite honestly, I’m really not all that interested in hearing somebody tell me that I cannot indulge in a bit of fun even amongst all of the craziness going on in this world.

The problem with people like Dr. Boyce Watkins & other black thought leaders who have gained a significant following on social media due to preaching about black economic empowerment and/or white supermacy is that they feel like black people’s situation is in such dire straits that having any sort of enjoyment out of life, regardless of how major or minor the pursuit of enjoyment may be, will be a direct factor in causing black society to continually slide into a regressive state to which will eventually become unrecoverable.  To this, I call complete bullshit.  What people like Dr. Boyce Watkins & others fail to comprehend is that they’ve allowed themselves to become so insulated in their self-created worlds of pure “blackness” online that they appear to have forgotten that there is actually a real world offline where black people are allowed to indulge in fun.  Black people are allowed to be “woke” and engage in various forms of nigga-anitcs if we want.  Black people are allowed to listen to endless lectures over & over again about white supremacy & black economic empowerment and still find time to engage in some type of fun that has nothing to do with fighting white supremacy or pursuing black economic empowerment.  Black people are allowed to develop a library of books by black authors over time to get their mind’s right for understanding race relations in America and still find time to watch a Floyd Mayweather fight, considering Floyd fights on average maybe once a year.  The point is, black people are allowed to be human and do what humans do.  And a part of being human is simply having fun & enjoying one’s self in whatever form entertainment you as a black person decides is right for you.  Black people are capable of being multidimensional in terms of desires, wants & likes.  We are not a bunch of damn robots running around.  If I want to be Mr. Black Empowerment on a Friday listening to black thought leaders, then put on my TMT hat to show support for Floyd “Money” Mayweather on a Saturday, then nigga I have the right to do that.  And none of that is about to cause black society to slide backwards any faster than what you may believe it to be doing.

These pro-black thought leaders for the most part are a bunch idiots when they get to speaking on subjects outside of their lane.  If you for one second think that watching a Mayweather fight is causing black society to get left behind, then you are an idiot.  Why must black people be focused on black-black-blackedty-black-black issues 24/7?  What part of the “How to be a Knee Grow in America” handbook is that rule written in?  Or is this simply a ploy for social media black thought leaders to inject themselves & their non-stop pro-black message into a conversation that has nothing to do with the subject of being pro-black?  But then again, if you as a pro-black thought leader longing to slip in a message about pro-blackness in regards to Floyd Mayweather, then how about you talk about the extreme success Floyd Mayweather has achieved professionally & financially due to him controlling how HE GETS PAID versus the white-owned media dictating how Floyd gets paid?  Why not focus on that aspect Dr. Boyce Watkins?  Floyd Mayweather seems like the perfect example of the Forty Million Dollar Slave actually getting his freedom to where he is allowed to compete within his sport on his own terms in addition to setting up the contracts to dictate how much he will earn IN ADDITION to using that money to fund the dreams of other black athletes who may follow within his footsteps.  Instead of trying to chastise what some black people may find as a source of entertainment, why not turn Floyd Mayweather into a case study of black financial excellence, since that is what you preach non-stop all day every single day to begin with.

Your favorite mulatto.


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