5 Black Conservatives Who Irk My Nerves

By:  Asher Primus

Not even a week after the protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, black people’s reactions came in by the thousands as they called out white men, fake allies, corporations and Donald Trump.  Despite the epic clap backs, some black people fell off from the tree too early just to get a spotlight.  I was able to formulate 5 black people who are in need of a serious reality check and are utterly clueless on their stance on racial politics in America.

1.  Joy Villa

For those who do not remember her tacky Make America Great Again dress that she wore to the Grammys, here lies a woman who refuses to acknowledge racism.  Like most black die-hard Trump supporters, their views enables white people to believe that racism has to be extreme or in your face, hence why they can only cite the KKK as a hate group.  Villa gets her pat on the head for being a good token black woman who disapproves of black people and the media talking about white supremacy.  She fails to understand that black people have legitimate reasons to call out it.  This is not something blacks and the media have concocted to shame white people.  We have experienced racism before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  Black people never needed television to tell their stories.  For the most part, the media has been the enemy and encouraged the public belief that we are unproductive citizens.

2.  Antonia Okafor

For starters, her last name alone is not common and it is definitely not Anglo-Saxon, so she should know that her racial denial does not change the views that white people have against immigration.  She enforces the divide that African Americans have with Africans.  Okafor could be a likable person, since she is a gun’s rights activist, but she does not realize that white people are not on board with arming black people because that would mean we could legally army ourselves and gain the public opinion on defending ourselves from white supremacy.  On a side note, she leads a campaign to arm college campuses to allow women to arm themselves against predators, but black students are also being attacked by students who identify as white nationalist, so there are more things that black women have to worry about other than sexual assault.  My biggest problem with her is that she has a god-complex because she is a free-thinker.  I mean it is nothing special, but she has to be that one black person in the group to “whitesplain” for white people.  Instead of trolling feminists, I wish she would focus more energy on bridging the gap between blacks and police officers.  There is no point in arming ourselves under legal ramifications since our presence with a gun (whether real or fake) depicts criminality, gang activity or black-on-black violence.

3.  Red Pill Black Girl

Sorry to include another black woman, but she had to be added for her viral video finger waving black-on-black crime statistics to erase the problematic actions of the Alt-Right; yet her views are somewhat unique as she calls out white people too, but it is at the expense of blaming the media for race-baiting.  Again, like Joy Villa, she refuses to stay on topic that race is a problem and it has been a problem long before Trump, Obama and even the debut of cable television.  Ignoring racism because a black man is more likely to kill another black man does not negate the need for progressive activism.  She defines America under her lifestyle, if she did not experience racism yesterday, then it is not real to everyone else.  Granted, black people may not experience racism on an everyday basis, but the indirect and subliminal attacks on black consciousness is present throughout religion, education, finance and living conditions.  She does not like Black Lives Matter and that is cool, but there are other black groups who are more tactful in their approach.  So, constantly name-dropping BLM is getting old.  Regardless of beliefs and lifestyles, there is no excuse on why black people cannot contribute to their own racial fight for superiority.

4.  Gianno Caldwell

For the record, Caldwell is not a saint or woke, despite his tears over Trump’s carefree response to Charlottesville’s protest.  This man had his “nigger wake up call”.  It was not long ago that he tried to debate Roland Martin that Obamacare had no value.  Yet, his views and stance on black issues gets lower as he shrugs off the importance of the NFL boycott.  He claims it is a desperate attempt by Colin Kaepernick to upgrade his former status as a “benched” player, since he was not a household name prior to his silent protest of the National Anthem.  On a side note, Caldwell does get a cookie for knowing the Republican essentials in debating liberals.  He cites Chicago black-on-black crime statistics, sometimes with validity and knowledge in what he is talking about, but this is a coping mechanism to distance himself from black people that may affect his job or livelihood.  He is from Chicago, so I can tell how bad his performance has to be for white people.  I am not using the ‘C’ word to describe anyone on this list, but most of these people are good actors with a bad script.  Now let’s see how Caldwell can follow up with his last performance, will he still support Trump or turn a new leaf?

5.  Daryl Davis

His name may not sound familiar, but his face will have you wondering if he is Uncle Ruckus in the flesh.  Davis is old news, but his name has resurfaced for his controversial documentary, Accidental Courtesy.  White people love seeing Davis befriending the most racist within our country.  The oddity of a black man who attends Klan rallies and collects their robes brings ratings.  He is famous because black apologists are America’s best friends.  It is entertaining to hear black men go against popular opinion.  Once black men negate the impact of racism, their deaths will no long be problematic and they lose momentum in their activism especially when black men say the following:

  • I am one of the good ones.
  • I do not see color.
  • We can all get along, if black people stopped seeing race.
  • We can fight hate with love.
  • I know Dr. King’s quotes by heart.

Then it’s a rap and we are finished.  It was by design for Fusion to interview to have a black woman interview Davis to subliminally gender bait the notion that black women are the face activism while black men are absent from the movement or on the other side.  This does not mean that Davis doesn’t have a black male following simply because he has been checked by black youths who are not in the mood to hug people who want us dead and gone from America.  Sadly, black men have been the face of cooning for centuries, hence why the term “Uncle Tom” is used more than “negro bed wench” among African Americans.  Black women siding with white men hits a nerve to where they are viewed as not believable or are questioned on if their actions were consensual.  When black people ask each other to name coons, 9 times out 10 they will list only black men.  Black women get the benefit of the doubt, even Omarosa does not spark conversations that black women are leaning towards the right because of their white lovers, jobs or middle-class lifestyle.

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