Games to Play to Fill Your Urge to Fight Facists

By:  H.T.

Let’s be honest, it’s getting bad out here.  We’ve got a president that looks and acts like Mussolini and crazed bastards running around screaming about how white people are an endangered species.  Lol.  So what’s a better way to escape the harsh reality of this than to play games that are wish fulfillment?!

Just Cause 3

The Just Cause series has been around for some time, but it’s the third game that is pretty awesome.  This time around, Rico is up against a totalitarian dictator trying to take over his homeland of Medici.  The game gives you a grappling hook, a wing suit, a parachute and a lot of guns and vehicles to drive as you set out to take down General Sebastiano Di Ravello.  The reason I enjoy this game so much is because if you’ve ever wanted a game that lets you pull off the stunts from the Fast & Furious movies 5 onward, here’s your chance.  Seriously, if you’re skilled enough, you can take down a base by hooking shit to your car and drifting.  It’s just that badass.

Red Faction Guerrilla

While an older game that last I checked was on Steam, this game lacks nothing in the satisfying desire to stick it to the EDF which has no problem sending in jack booted thugs to kick in the door and ruin everyone’s life on Mars.  The game is great because literally every structure in the game is destructible, and the ways you can pull it off is nearly endless.  The hero Alec Mason is a stoic but endearing guy that more than serves as a avatar for the player.  Even he has doubts but doesn’t quit, and in the end, victory is imminent.

Watch Dogs 2

Hey, like Mr. Robot?  Then you’ll love this game.  Basically, this game is set 2 years after the original and a few characters from the original show up.  Basically you play a hacker trying to stick it to Blume with their CTOS that interconnects the world but at the cost of privacy, liberty and ethics.  As Marcus, you’ll explore the Bay Area and hack your way through town while making Blume realize that they can’t info farm the world.  Sure, maybe it’s not a huge empire, but a corporation can be far more devious.

Far Cry 4

Ah, one of my favorite games of all time.  Doesn’t hurt that the host of a podcast I was on once helped make this game.  But enough about my past.  This game is a classic.  Far Cry 4 has you playing as Ajay Ghale, the son of the revolutionary that started trying to liberate Kyrat from Pagan Min.  The game’s gameplay is top notch, but the big part for me was the alternate endings you could get by either following leaders Amita or Sabal.  The most fun I had was the fortress raids where, if you’re brave enough, you can run in and kill everyone.  But the most memorable part of the game has to be the villain, Pagan Min, whose literally an anime character as he’s voice by freaking Troy Baker.  Seriously.

Well, you may not be bringing down a real empire, but here’s to hoping these games give you the escape you need.

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