600K Union Soldiers Dying Don’t Deserve a Pat on the Back for Helping to End Slavery

One of the things that irks me is when a white person rushes in to say that over 600K Union soldiers fought & died to free slaves and therefore we, the American Knee Grows, should be thanking all of these dead white people for freeing our ancestors.  I’m not thanking white people for shit on this subject because these white people fighting & dying in order to contribute to the freeing of Africans should be a thankless job simply because slavery was/is an inhumane act of evil period.  Why in the fuck should black people be grateful for the actions of a bunch dead white people for doing what was morally right in the first damn place?  Plus, where was this sense of “morality” for the first 300 years or so BEFORE the Civil War when Africans were in bondage being raped, abused, tortured & killed?  American chattel slavery should have never happened in the first damn place, but you are honestly expecting me to praise the dead for doing what should have been done in the first damn place.

Seriously, this is like me having factual knowledge of a child being sexually abused for years by her father and me not doing shit about the abuse until years later when I finally develop a conscious about child abuse being wrong.  I finally confront the child’s father, rescue the girl and now I’m sitting here looking at the little girl with an expression demanding that she praise me for rescuing her despite her knowing full damn well I knew that she was being abused the entire time and never did shit from the very beginning.  How fucking crazy is that.  This is how white people honestly sound every single time they feel a need to remind black people of how many white people died for the Union army during the Civil War in aiding to end American slavery.

Fuxx outta here.  They’re not getting any pats on the back from me for doing what the hell they were SUPPOSED to be doing.

Your favorite mulatto.

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