“You Will Not Replace Us” is the Cry of the Inadequate White Man

By:  H.T.

One of the things I’ve noticed about the racist white guys who support Trump and march up and down the street chanting that “You will not replace us” is one particular thing:  fear.  Not of death, but rather the fear that they’ll be edged out of society.  When you think just on the surface, it’s kind of a moot point.  White people are only rivaled by Latinos in how many kids they’re having, but even then, systematically it’s not as though those numbers matter as they’re not showing up in places of power really.  But then it hit me:  that’s what this is about.

Go back and look at the crowd of white guys with the tiki torches.  Notice something?  All weird, gawky, awkward looking white guys.  They’re the poster boys for bloodlines that survive solely on hypergamy.  Seriously.  When you take one look at these guys, they just scream, “I’m afraid the girls I like aren’t gonna fuck me, so I’ll blame the black guys!”  These are men who scream about genetic superiority, but fear black people because some are criminals, fear middle eastern people because some are terrorists, and fear Latinos because some are criminals but also reproduce at a high rate.  But the core of it all is that these guys fear that eventually, claiming superiority won’t cut it.  Eventually, society isn’t going to give them a pass just off being white.

No you’re saying, “Why does it have to be about fear of losing women?  Women aren’t objects!”  You’re right.  Women aren’t.  But to guys like this, their whole perspective on life has been built on the idea of being the kind of man that “makes their fathers proud” which is really shorthand for “keep our family tree going and make money.”  Chances are these guys have money, but because the hookup culture tends to lean more on looks and charisma than potential prospects for the future, these guys wash out.  So who do they blame?  In their case, the target that history proves is the easiest to rail against:  non “white” males.

And one way it’s done is by railing against things like interracial relationships.  Fact is, they go on and on about racial purity and keeping America white because deep down they know mixing races brings about the chance for genetically superior people that could, if they so choose, identify as non-white.  This is the core of their fears.

The reason it’s always been easy to blame the guys who don’t look like you for shortcomings is just human nature; people need a scapegoat.  But with this, the belief is that minorities will outright remove European history from America.  On one hand, I see the optics that fuels this.  Naive idealistic millennials in an attempt to fight back against colonialism have been pushing for academia to focus less on colonial powers and more on the indigenous people before.  While this is noble, the fact is that adding these to the main curriculum ultimately leads to more work for the teachers and ultimately students, so it becomes a game of chicken to decide if this will happen.

But in the eyes of the MAGA wearing beta male, this is a sign that they’ll look up and they’ll be replaced.  Ironically, if that happens, it’ll be because systematic racism forced minorities to work twice as hard to get there as eventually companies can’t survive off kickbacks to the guy who knows a guy or hiring some executive’s incompetent son.  Eventually, the years of pressure on black and brown people brought on by the assumption of their inferiority will produce the gem needed to lead people into greatness.  And this is what they fear.

They fear not being able to shit talk their way into a girls pants or into a job, and thus losing the very identity they were given by society.  To them, they can’t fail, as to fail would compromise the very paradigm their lives were built on, and thus make them no better than the people they claimed superiority over.  In short, laugh.  Laugh because people like this can’t last forever.  Keep in mind that the only reason guys like Stephen Miller only have a job is because a powerful but far more incompetent white guy gave them a job.  These guys survive off building a circuit of sad pedantic little weasels with a place of power and will piss and moan to protect it.

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