Black Servicemen Suffer in Silence While Serving Under a Racist Commander-In-Chief

Can you imagine what life must be like as a black person serving in the United States military under a Commander-In-Chief who is an open racist?  Most of you can’t imagine this type of struggle at all because most of you have never served in the military.  Well, I did…for 13 years on active duty.  I got out back in 2015 when I finally came to the conclusion that I didn’t need a military pay check anymore to pay my bills & sustain my current quality of life.  Fortunately, I never served a day up under Donald Trump, especially now as he’s just gone full blown white supremacist in the last 24 hours.

But here’s the thing about black servicemen, by military law (UCMJ:  Uniform Code of Military Justice), they are not allowed to talk disrespectfully about the President of the United States at all, or they can risk potential serious legal consequences which could possibly haunt them for the rest of their lives.  Sure, you may see some military people online talking greasy about Trump, but that’s only because the wrong person hasn’t read their shit.  All it takes is for one diehard Trump supporter, Confederate flag lover, Nazi supporter or white supremacists supporter who sees their potential disrespectful rants about Trump and that black serviceman might have problems.  As a matter of fact, I know of a black blogger right now who blogs & podcasts extremely harsh on white people, racism & white supremacy…but he does it under a pen name because he is an active duty serviceman who’s been in the military for at least 16 years now.  Most people don’t know his real name, just his face & pen name, but one day a Confederate flag supporter in his unit (who just happened to be an officer) discovered his articles, saw his face, realized who this person was and attempted to get this black blogger/serviceman in trouble claiming that this black blogger/serviceman was a racist for speaking out against racism and calling white people out on their bullshit.  Fortunately this black blogger/serviceman had a cool chain of command (direct bosses for you non-military folks) who understood his writings and didn’t interpret them as racist.  So he was sparred.  And no, I’m not telling you a story about me, although I did experience some minor problems when I first started the Onyx Truth when I was in the military.  But I knew I was getting out, so I didn’t care and there was nothing they could do to me.  But I digress.

Anyways, my point is this:  now that Trump has unapologetically come out of the closet as a full blown racist who supports white supremacy, I wonder how all of my former black military battle buddies are taking this news considering that Trump is their top boss who has direct control over their careers & lives.  Think about it, Donald Trump has stated that he has no issue sending in troops to deal with foreign conflicts but he is literally on television making excuses for white supremacists who believe in the extermination of black people….and some of these black people serve in the military directly under Donald Trump’s authority.  Another thing to ponder over:  Donald Trump is directly supporting & making excuses for a bunch of racist white people who worship militaries of the past (Confederates & Nazis) even though these defeated & eradicated militaries of the past held views that were in direct opposition to the views of today’s U.S. military.  How fucking crazy is that?  Even for non-racist white people serving in the military under the belief of “freedom & justice for all”, I wonder how it makes them feel to know their Commander-In-Chief has no issues sticking up for a bunch of white racist fucks who believe in the ideologies of past militaries that espoused the complete opposite views of today’s U.S. military.

Well, I guess it really doesn’t matter how anybody serving in the military under Donald Trump feels because at the end of the day, all of you will shut up and just do your job or risk facing some form of punishment under UCMJ.  In a way, I sort of understand black serviceman who choose to not express their views on Donald Trump because they are simply just trying to reach the finish of their career to collect their earned benefits…benefits I now enjoy and I will admit, they are rather wonderful…but man, that shit has to be rough to serve under a President who supports the ideology of a bunch of racist white fucks who would love nothing more on this earth than to kill you for simply not being born white.

Your favorite mulatto.