Life After the Charlottesville Violent White Supremacists Rally Will Go Like This…

This is how things will go after this violent racist protest in Charlottesville, VA lead by these violent white supremacists:

At least for those who managed to not get captured on camera (and possibly for those who did get captured on camera), these racist white people will simply return to their normal lives as if nothing every happened.  They’ll return to their jobs working in your local factories, your local schools, your local government, your local hospitals, your local banks, your local police departments, your local fire departments, your local boy/girl scout clubs, your local churches, your local college campuses, your local bars, your local fast food joints, your local wherever…they’ll just blend right back in as if nothing ever happened.  And the crazy part is, you will never recognize them because they’ll just look and act like every other white person you come across in your daily travelings.

That’s the true beauty of white privilege.  The fact that you can be a full blown open & violent racist on a Friday & Saturday, then return to being a closeted racist on Sunday totally undetectable by the people you despise with no consequences.

Your favorite mulatto.


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