Usher Isn’t the Only One Allegedly Spreading Herpes…You Are Too

Amongst all of the talk concerning Usher, him possibly having herpes, him possibly like fat women & him possibly like men…I didn’t see any conversations taking place about the actual disease of herpes and how it’s basically running wild & loose within the black community.  So, we can all get a laugh at the expense of Usher, but when you actually look at the data surrounding herpes…the jokes actually on you black man & black woman.

Here’s a few facts about herpes in case you’re wondering:

Genital herpes is an STD caused by 2 types of viruses:  herpes simplex type 1 & herpes simplex type 2.

Approximately 1 out of every 6 people in the U.S. between the ages of 14-49 have genital herpes.

You can contract herpes through vaginal, anal or oral sex from someone who has the disease.

If you are pregnant woman, genital herpes can possibly result in a miscarriage.

A pregnant woman with herpes can pass the virus to her unborn child resulting in the child possibly developing a deadly infection called neonatal herpes.

80% of people infected with herpes are unaware that they’ve been infected.

21% of all women in the U.S. have herpes while only 11.5% of all men have herpes.

39% of the black community has herpes compared to only 12% of the white community.

48% percent of black women in the U.S. have herpes.  That’s damn near HALF the black female population.

Black women are twice as likely to be infected compared to black men.

There is no cure for herpes.

You can read more about the wonderful world of herpes on the CDC websitehere & here.

So while you’re out there getting your freak on slanging loose genitals all wild & crazy or doing like Quantasia Sharpton alleges to have happened between her & Usher to where she just literally exposed herself to a random dick…you might wanna shrink this article in size, print it out,  laminate it & put it in your wallet or else run the risk of having your private parts looking like the bottom of a Nestle Crunch bar.

Your favorite mulatto.
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